15 September 2011

Mars & Venus at the Ballot Box

It occurs to me that the polarization of America's two-party system reminds me of the well-established 'Mars & Venus' series by John Gray.  If you have not read these, or if it has been a while, I think they are still quite good at helping couples understand that men and women are different...biologically, psychologically, and often philosophically...especially when it comes to needs and wants.
Assuming that you are at least basically familiar with Gray's ideas, let me suggest:

Conservatives are from Mars and Liberals are from Venus

I often look at statements from the opposition and think, "What planet...what reality do you live in where this is really what you think...what you believe?"  You hear it on the radio talk shows quite a bit.  Astonishment that based on all one sees and hears there are still those who just 'don't get it.'
Now, I know there is a great deal of disinformation...and there are number of people, maybe a majority of Americans, who aren't paying attention to politics and don't care because they don't know or understand how politics impacts them...but at the core we have major, FUNDAMENTAL even, differences about the role of government, personal freedoms, and even right & wrong.

Broad generalization for the sake of argument:

Venus - Yin - Plowshares - Caregiver - Urban - Children - Give A Man A Fish - Unbridled - Many Short Relationships - Carrot - Feelings - Apologetic
It's no accident that the term 'bleeding heart' liberal comes up often.  These people, like the feminine yin, are fundamentally looking for peace at the cost of all else.  They tend to be more interested in the experience of the day than in planning for the long term. The belief in individual non-conformity is tempered only by a mandate of acceptance by all.  These are the receivers.  These are they who will only marshal a fight only to insist that we all get along.  Despite the claim of individuality, they tend toward group-think and social collectivism to answer their need of belonging; and in doing so may cast aside the old ways, the traditions and faiths to pick up something that feels fresh as tilled earth.  They often have a deep sadness about the ugliness they see and believe the world needs to be cleansed; they would rather let trees grow and go without paper.  They have a need to have a conversation; to discuss; to be understood; to be taken seriously and recognized as valid; revel in the chaotic process of excited interaction.  They aggressively want the whole world to benefit from their passive but obvious superiority.

Mars - Yang - Swords - Protector - Rural - Parents - Teach A Man To Fish - Bridled - Fewer Relationships but Deeper - Stick - Facts - Pride
It's also no accident that conservatives are regarded as hawkish.  They, like the masculine yang, are pro-war machine; "the best offense is a good defense."  They believe in being prepared; in planning for the future to ensure stability in the face of the unknown.  They fiercely believe individuals are sovereigns who must agree to be governed by law inasmuch as it protects their sovereignty.  These are the providers.  These are those who need space and time to work out their own sense of what is right, perhaps even appealing to God for a sense of what action to take...and once convinced, will defend it with violence if threatened.  Traditions, faith, beliefs are solidly held as guides while the individual navigates mortal existence.  They believe the world is what we make it; it is here as a resource that must be managed and maintained properly...like a forest grown for paper; then replanted.  They have a need for stability; finality; decision-making and pursuit of goals so success can be measured.  They have a need for order, process, structure, and the calm that comes from hard work.  They passively want the whole world to benefit from their aggressive but obvious superiority.

Now, do I mean that all women are liberal and all men are conservative...of course not.  Men and women have common needs and wants too; there is overlap in behavior (coffee clatch; lipstick; designer shoes = poker game; muscles; ties).  But I think there are some macro behaviors here that bear additional scrutiny.  Is the dismantling of the nuclear family unit during the past fifty years responsible for our inability to communicate with those unlike ourselves? Does it contribute to more aloof male behavior and result in more children with a single parent? Is modern liberalism a true outgrowth of the women's lib movement of the 60's? or a combination of that movement with others like the voices of minorities? and is that agenda relevant any more?  Are we really seeing our freedoms traded for being a ward of the state for life...into serfdom?

And look, men are offended by the chickification of America...the assault on traditional male roles as leader, protector, provider, hunter, conqueror.  These are not nurture traits; these are nature traits.  We can no more suppress our sex drive than women can suppress their menses.  We must accept that we are different.  Liberals have achieved this within their own ranks...strength in diversity.  So why is it any less acceptable for boys to be boys...to fight, to win, to get a busted lip...that's part of what boys need to be men.  If you look back at leading men in movies over the years, there is an obvious evolution in what is desirable.  Are women as distracted by Hollywood's portrayal of skeletal androgynous waifs as normal?  Do they look back a voluptuous leading ladies and wonder why must they fit this new mold that makes them so unhappy? Tangential? maybe.

I think we can all agree that it is our obligation to care for those who cannot care for themselves...at home, in our community, in our nation.  I think we can all agree that we cannot stand as a nation if we don't prepare and protect ourselves from those who would subdue & enslave us.

Before we can beat swords into plowshares, someone must forge the sword.  Order precedes peace.  Faith precedes miracles.  Obedience precedes blessings.

The chaos of Obama's presidency has illustrated that we must return to our Founding Fathers' ideals of a decentralized government, where people are responsible for themselves until they cannot be; and then they are cared for by those who know them best.  Homogenized and feminized education has spoiled our next generation with the idea that it does not matter who wins or loses but how you play the game.  Ask the British who marched in orderly lines toward the guerrilla tactics of our colonial fathers if winning matters.  Ask coaches of professional athletes if winning matters.  Ask the farmer if it's better to have a bumper crop or nothing to sell.
This once was the domain of common sense!

Now maybe I'm a patriarchal old fart.  But what I have realized through decades of marriage is that you need Mars and Venus for balance...but you also need the structure of decision-making to move onward and upward.  And while exploring our feelings is a necessary part of being human; our spirit must bridle the animal man.

Within ourselves, the head must rule the heart.

Now let me be crystal clear.  I am not advocating a marriage of centrism...not at all.  Hell, I'm not even advocating a dialog...because at this point, Conservatives simply have to take control of the situation...like a school marm straightens out a pack of unruly students.  But what I am trying to convey, is that perhaps there is something to glean from understanding how Liberals think; why they see the world the way they do...and use it against them in order to win.

Sometimes you don't buy flowers and candy and diamond rings; you say "not interested" and win.

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03 September 2011

Obama Pinata Politics Takes Whack At Real Estate

I fully believe the lawsuit against the big banks is a ruse. Later, when the feds begin 'negotiations' they'll ask for the toxic deeds (remember TARP?) instead of cash. The banks will be ready to turn over the paper because it helps them remain compliant to the federal stress tests for banks (backing loans with good liquid assets.)  The federal government sweeps up all that subprime property (it helped create mind you) into HUD, socializing a huge segment of what was private property.  Minorities, low-income & banks win.  People who worked their whole life to pay for a house suddenly find it's worth much less due to a flood of less-responsible individuals in the area and fewer buyers willing to settle for more than what the government will allot.
It's the same approach as the healthcare puncture. Blast a hole in the private sector & collect the pieces through mandates and practices, used to give favors to voters who want it to continue.
Pinata politics.

17 August 2011

Don't Forget The Milk

How many times it happens now!  As I get older, I more often find myself exclaiming with aggravation that I've just come from the store and forgotten a necessary item.  I must remember to write down my shopping list so that I don't forget the important things.
You may have experienced this too.  Seems that as we get older, our brains get full...like a hard drive...and something must be deleted to make room for something new.  Problem is, I don't want to get rid of anything...after all, aren't we the sum-total of all our experiences up to now? What if that seemingly unimportant event that happened so many years ago was actually pivotal in the development of our personality; in our morality; in our Self.
Some folks keep a journal or diary to keep from forgetting what's important.  They're able to relive past moments and visit the clarity of that time...that state of mind.
In fact, isn't it true that throughout the ages we find anchor points of importance tethered to written works?  I mean, we have a clear picture of the horror of Nazi invasion from the Diary of Anne Frank right? We get insight into the soaring ability of mankind to overcome adversity from The Miracle Worker.
But do most folks give our founding documents even that much credence?  Here we are, a fairly young country...our Founding Fathers took great pains to ensure that the intentions for a new place, free from the tyranny, and empowered by the People, would succeed.  They wrote it down.
Many of these Founders were deeply religious; some, not at all.  But they made sure that the Declaration of Independence (from England) reminded government that the People were endowed with rights from our Creator...rights they had been denied under a Christian monarchy.
This reminder, that our rights are not given to us by other men, or governments, but are innately part of who we are as people, has been a truth down through our American generations.  It guides us in the construction of laws and mores; in establishing appropriate behavior and the generosity to respect the rights of others.
How many folks today want to throw out this important truth!
Look around the world.  What has happened in places where rights are granted to others by government or man. Or Nature?  What's the natural order? Survival of the fittest, of course.
So, to those who believe that because they exist, they are owed something from others...let me remind them that if they cannot succeed on their own, the law of Nature says they must disappear.  The law of social order says that the weak bees die.  The law of man says they must be subjugated.
It's the laws of our Creator that insist we must rise above the Natural order.  It's the beliefs of tolerance of our Judeo-Christian heritage that make it possible for us to accept that charity is the order from above.
The Bible / Torah are plainly important because it was written down...important events must be recorded for future generations...to know what happened, to understand the beliefs of our fathers, to improve upon the lot of mankind.  Dark Ages are times when access to the written word is denied to people..and the knowledge of what came before, what should be next, is kept by those who mete out information to keep themselves in power.
I submit that if one studies the iron fist of China's growing military.  If you smell squalor in cities where hope is lost. If you witness the ever-warring factions of the desert tribes of Africa, the slaughter of innocence and the violence committed against women and children...the starvation of a people to make them comply.  These are cultures who do not believe in unalienable rights, or the protections afforded us by that tenet.  These regimes are those who conquer in the name of some warlord.

Judeo-Christian culture, in its modern evolution through the influence of ancient Roman law, has been the basis of Western civilization, culminating in American exceptionalism...an new foundation of freedom and liberty on the Earth.  God allowed Moses' people to wander in the bleakness of the desert for decades...testing their will to be obedient. To cast aside the graven image; forbidden practice.  The reward followed after the trial...but it was only those who remained true who kept the blessings.

We have the prize! We have the treasure.  We have the land of milk and honey.
We can only keep it through righteousness and willingness to fight for our Founders' hard-won victory over tyranny.

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29 July 2011

Tract: Obama made his bed

The President seems surprised that the debt limit budget battle is even and issue. What had become routine practice (extending ever more credit to cover overspending, creeping big government) is suddenly a stalemate.  It could have been anything really...the debt limit provides a good enough vehicle for shellactivists to remind Washington that the populace at large is very, very unhappy.
Did he think that 'spiking the ball' the faces of the minority would be laughed off? Passing the healthcare form without review or debate and shrugging off Constitutionality demonstrates the cavalier disregard the Pelosi-Obama-Reid love triangle has for anyone else's opinion.
Did they think that playing dirty has no consequences?
The Founders made our government divided and lumbering on purpose.  Above all, they knew the dangers that despotism can breed.  The Democrats in Congress and the White House have shown contempt for the law they've sworn to uphold: the Constitution.  The President jokes about just bypassing the Congress and using Executive Orders to get his agenda done...or scrutinizing elements of Amendments passed for purposes of the Civil War debts, wordsmithing a hammer to defend his illegitimate rules.

So the One won. "We won," they said. That's why they get their agenda. And when they say "Americans" they really mean those who'll vote for the welfare state as reparations or as a socialist utopia.  They believe that businesses should be shackled into a near-zero profit to provide for the non-workers.  They believe that if you have more 'stuff' than the average, you are the rich...the lucky.  They believe that the world owes them something.  They do not believe in personal responsibility.  They believe in the hive, workers controlled entirely for the good of all...disposable...at the whim of the queen.  This "shared sacrifice" puts America's freedom on the pyre.

As jobs continue to disappear and the States slip further into Depression, those who support the ideals of hard work, self-determination, independence, and moral bravery have been marginalized.  They have been demonized as the privileged and rich after a life of hard work and devotion.  They have witnessed White House austerity speeches from some luxe corridor.  They understand that the America they love, the one that has been the shining beacon on the hill for the world, is under a fundamental transformation.  They are beyond disenchanted with leadership...they are enraged by their audacity.

For the People, by the People.

The Obama grassroots have grown and we see they are kudzu, growing over everything in sight, aggressively stealing the life of everything around them.  The only way to stop it is to chop it, then pull it up at its roots...leaving nothing behind...  The first cut? Cut Cap and Balance.

And we're just getting started.

23 July 2011

Nobody's that stupid...right?

Ever seen one of those courtroom dramas where the accused is so dead-to-rights that it looks like a setup? You know the story...man has blood on his hands, fingerprints on the knife, fingerprints on the dishwasher where he tried to wash the knife, bloody footprints from his shoes, his alibi doesn't check out, etc. etc. (I have a degree in Law & Order.)
That seems to be the tack that the Obama Administration is taking on so much. Or rather, many lawmakers and voters are left so incredulous at the obvious stupidity or wrongheadedness of Obama's decisions that's they're left dumbfounded.
You can say that he talks over his audience.  You can say that his intentions are good.  But results show that the man is dangerously bad for America.
Is he ignorant? A patsy? Or is it a calculated trust that people at their core don't want to believe they can be snowed and are taken in by evil?
While the game of chicken on the debt ceiling plays out in Washington...we cannot lose sight of other creeping socialism moves proceeding in the courts....we cannot lose sight of a lack of border control....we cannot lose sight of the blight of so-called social justice reparations, redefinition of marriage, transformation from free-market to centrally-controlled economy, etc. It takes the vigilance of many to watch all the chessboard pieces moving simultaneously.
Americans are dangerously distant from totalitarianism to remember its costs...and if not careful, we'll find ourselves in quicksand.

12 May 2011

La Raza and Black Liberation Theology: cut from the same Reparationist cloth

Anti-white sentiment is getting a boost. La Raza (The Race) a Hispanic hate group, showed their ass last week at a Tuscon school board meeting when discussion about the curriculum of Ethnic Studies was scheduled.  It seems that tone of the textbook used for this class are anti-American, anti-capitalism, and anti-gringo.  This has happened because theology has crept into the school system under the banner of 'culture.'
Now it would be a sweeping generalization and a bit bigoted for one to assume that people that look alike must think alike, right? But that's the very ideal offered here.  Anchor babies, now attending school, don't remember the harsh living conditions of their (absent) fathers and must be reminded by their elders to hate Americans, specifically European whites, who are the source of everything evil.  This pro-illegal 'older and wiser' group is militant and believe that the United States is occupying territory that was stolen from them generations ago...and it's time to take it back.
The Aztlan National Territory folks (ANTs) are very real...and they are educating with your tax dollars.
Students chain themselves to desks to protest school board meeting.
Imagine Chicago curriculum, taught by New Black Panthers, to train up the next generation of actiFists.  Wait, is that happening? Nevermind.
Imagine Boston curriculum, taught by IRA, to hate England...paid with your tax money. Imagine an Atlanta curriculum, taught by KKK, to teach white power...paid with your tax money.
It's outrageous.
Have a look at Who Is Mecha? if you are unfamiliar with the aggressive war against American in the southwest US.  An open borders policy is an invitation to for occupation.
Harry Reid today stated that an uprising is needed to solve the illegal immigration problem.  Really? How about we close down the Illegal Superhighway.
When residents are killed off and the rest are run out, who'll be left as the majority...with voting rights?  Southwesterners have become accustomed to illegals hiding out in empty houses (thank Barney Fwank) as they make their way north.  Guns, drugs, gangs...they are living it every day while Obama pontificates about the security of a border with no fence.
The best way to keep ants out of your picnic is to not give them anything to eat or drink.  We need quit handing out the free ride, free food, free home, free healthcare, free education...while we have no idea who you are, where you're from, or whether you plan to sting me later.
At minimum, we should be enforcing immigration law, making naturalization orderly.  Otherwise we risk being overrun not only with the destitute seeking a better life, but with the crime lords and illegal trafficking too.  And it's such an obvious security problem in protecting ourselves from Al Qaeda.  But anyone who is pro-border (especially if they live near the border) is a racist, white supremacist and skinhead. (Check outFeathered Bastard if you don't believe me.)
Black Liberation Theologists need to understand that La Raza is militantly replacing them as the minority with power to become a supermajority in the United States.  While black single mothers benefit from generous abortion access, Latino women are often encouraged to have as many babies as possible, either by Catholic upbringing or male dominance or legal status needs.
Wake up America.
In which neighborhood would you sleep safer? One with a sign that says "An Unlocked Door Community" or "Protected By Smith & Wesson."
La Raza is showing up in states all over the country and has ties to big names you WILL recognize: Who is La Raza? HUMAN EVENTS
La Raza, inspired by the community Organizer and getting Citibank on board, is getting organized for elections/key Congressional votes: NCLR
Minnesota: Brown Berets
Chicano / MeCHA / reconquest: http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/editorials/2006-05-02-immigration-rhetoric_x.htm
What is the Republica del Nortehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reconquista_(Mexico)
Map and follow-up commentary speak volumes in this posting: http://www.diggersrealm.com/mt/archives/002365.html
A gang tied to organized crime in Mexico refers to themselves as La Raza as well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Raza_Nation
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10 May 2011

Where are the moderate Liberals?

Much hay has been made by the MSM to portray the Tea Party as extremist and rigidly ultra conservative. They tell us that only a moderate can win over the middle; that we must sit at the table and make deals with them; that we must give up our backwater, bitter clinger ways.
I reject this premise...only a true Conservative with character and ideals can pose a real threat to the current administration. Moderates will be painted as weak or indecisive or corrupt...allowing One to shine us on for another four destitute years.
But for those Liberals who insist that we modulate our tone, I want to point out many of our stances are less than or equal to the timbre of those of the left. What is the opposite of unchecked illegal immigration? What is the opposite of redefining marriage as a solely secular act, throwing out thousands of years of tradition. What is the opposite of godless humanists whose hedonism knows no bounds? What is the opposite of unrelenting overspending and big government run roughshod over rights?
That would be the rest of us. That's right Libs, the pit's pendulum swings back too.

09 May 2011

Conservatives are not prepared for Liberal evangelism...

Folks on the Conservative side of American politics typically reserve a corner of their hearts, if not all of it, for love of God (clinging bitterly to country and guns and Bible) and we are not prepared for the new humanist evangelicals emerging from the Left.
You see, we've been reviled so long as Bible-thumping hick creationists, that we weren't expecting Libs to come at us like a cult out of control.  But I invite you to have a look at this:
Liberal media has gone beyond boot-licking to something that approaches anti-Christian. Remember, that Libs typically come from an education background which encourages humanism (there is no god outside myself) and debauchery. There is a sad fatalism in their articles of faith:

  • man is destroying his habitat
  • the world would be better off without man
  • it would be better for everyone to have less in order for us to all have the same amount of stuff
  • govt. knows much better than we do how to spend money and take care of us

These all sound like a cry for help; a need for leadership, for blind faith in something bigger.
But they reject religion as an answer for this need.
This void is filled with One leader with the fervor of any tent revival.
As Conservatives, we must understand that time is short before we lose the ability to reverse course in Washington. We must acknowledge at least amongst ourselves that the fundamental Change that Obama represents is wrong. And we must not be afraid to address the soul-sucking building blocks on which their faith is based.
Our best friend is shining a light on those things which are still hidden and putting it in front of voters who are likely to vote for Obama again.  Post-it notes, handwritten signs on the side of the road...every little counts.

03 May 2011

In sex, must there always be a victim? Frigid, liberal women think so...

Bra-burners from the sixties, now saggy-tittied hippies who think Code Pink is about female empowerment, have produced a generation of state dependents.  Who does that benefit? I submit that the 'independent woman' is one who has control of her life and has a range of choices.  But in the western world, America has more single ladies than ever before.  What freedom for men! Casual sex, no commitments, and none of those pesky rugrats to tie you down.  He can have a woman on every block in the city.  Now THAT'S freedom. What? why is that a problem? Your progressive independence shouldn't allow you to feel jealous or possessive.  And what? you have to take down all these mental barriers and become vulnerable before you can cuddle up? That's not sex...that's some kind of love thing...men know better than to mess around with those complicated entanglements.
For the ladies though, they too sometimes get that natural urge to procreate, and when they do, they're told they can do it all, have it all.  But can she? And if not, who suffers.
Well, the sperm donor is long gone....but that's okay, she's told to repeat "I don't need a man."
And then there's the kid...can it be cared for properly or do we need a support system, like a nanny, a family member, a babysitter, or worst...a service.
It's a known fact that children who are not loved and handled in a nursery fail to thrive.
Rearing kids is a tough job when you have such support systems...but what happens when they're gone?  Well, there's always the State, and welfare.  And kids tend to follow parental example.  Rinse, repeat.
And then there's the lingering feeling that life owes you something?  Guess what ladies, you're in control...act like a grown up; close your legs until you choose to have a child. The world doesn't owe you anything.  You've got to make your own way.  Men aren't out to rape you; grope you...that's all in your victimhood training.  Aggression is being trained right out of males...the government school system is making sure of that.  You're right...they don't own you, or feel any responsibility to you.
So here's a thought...maybe when you get ready to settle down and lay off the chopped hair, angry chip-on-your-shoulder solidarity it will be too late to find a man who'll have you...who'll want to raise a child with your whacked-out belief system.  And maybe you are victimized every time you have sex; maybe it's not an act of violence on you...maybe you just aren't doing it right...you know, participating.

Those of us who are happily married for decades will be happy to train up the youth of tomorrow while you remain barren and alone.

Tired Black Man

28 April 2011

We're here, not queer, get used to it..

In contemplating a blog entry for a piece like "Real men: where have all the cowboys gone?" I had planned a commentary on the rise of gay as a third gender, how that complicates equality movements by women and minorities, and how effeminized males have been made over the last 50 years. To tame the brute so they could not endanger the feminine sensibilities, it's been necessary to protect kids from sport, to demean competitive accomplishment, and to promote A-for-effort instead of true mastery.
I would submit that these principles counter natural selection and lower standards for all.
Attempting to be all things to all people only gives rise to mediocrity and disappointment. Our country cannot go down this way.
And in this vein of thought a golden distillation. Men by nature do not accept effeminate men...in fact they are repulsed, and this is natural. You see men are "born this way" too.
So militant minority San Francisco, hear this: I reject you, your lack of moral decency, your insistence that I must subjugate my will to yours. I will defend nature and God's marriage of man to woman because that is how it should be.
Do what you will with your free time, behind closed doors. But respect yourself enough not to become a walking cliche. Sex orientation should have a required manner of speech, dress, or need an advert. You must assimilate into the melting pot too if you expect beef to dissolve into broth.

25 April 2011

He Is Risen...to take the kids to school

An interview with a fellow over the Easter weekend gave me an interesting perspective.  Downsized to part time, then downsized to one day per week, then finally let go due to 'no work' this guy finds himself where many American men haven't been before, nor have they been brought up to know how to be anything other than the breadwinner of a family.
This is a trying time for many men who find their traditional role redefined; relying on their wives who, at first provided a secondary income in the service sector, but are now the primary breadwinner.  The toll is staggering on the male ego...many of whom grew up watching Andy Griffith or Hazel or Father Knows Best and whose own fathers were patriarchal.  Having established secondary incomes in households may have saved many American families from the same devastation of the first Great Depression.  But it's a tenuous struggle to meet the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter & transport.  Some men are walking away from their family, like homeowners from a mortgage they can't pay, knowing that they can eek out a living somewhere else, leaving mother and kids behind on state sponsored welfare.  Some men are struggling to find a role behind the apron...the new househusband, suddenly daily effeminate behind the vacuum that once was an occasional task.  Some men are castrated by the artificially suppressed job market, finding themselves at the mercy of big government whims that keep companies from hiring.
Men who worked their entire lives are finding themselves in their mid-forties and devastated...financially and mentally.  Unable to start again and save enough for retirement, facing massive debt and responsibilities of children who are already or will soon need college, and seeing little opportunity for a change during the next two years...they have a great deal of time on their hands.  They have time to watch a broken government. They have time to see the vortex of overspending.  They have time to evaluate every Congressman and every piece of legislation publicly available.  They have time to establish networks of other like-minded (and out of work) folks who will move against this regime and fight for prosperity...if not for themselves, for their children.
Manipulation of the unemployment figure further undermines the crisis in the middle-aged male population.  But they see through this.  They've experienced success already and aren't the malleable mush-heads of college campuses...polluted with socialist ideals & no consequences.
The working class is getting the hardest type of education and will vote for their own self-interest.  The Takers make up nearly half of the population and the Makers are being told they're 'lucky' to have work.  The Administration orchestrates a crisis to create ever greater dependency on Big Government.
While preparing peanut butter sandwiches for kids lunches, middle aged men wonder: Do they understand economy isn't just about money changing hands but how much value is added or lost when it does?  Do they believe they can save us from Chinese debt by deflating the dollar's power so much?  How much gold will Texas stockpile?  Can Republicans win as swiftly and as decisively as the Democrats under Pelosi or will they argue over what color the chess pieces should be?  
The middle-aged middle class is left with the sinking feeling of "this is not where I expected to be and this is not what I expected to be doing at this stage of my life."  Jobs.  Opportunity.  Will they come back? or is this it? Have we seen all the boom-time we're going to see in my lifetime?  Is it time to just get a cabin in the mountains and grow corn and raise chickens? Is modern America gone?
There's a reason Obama is in campaign mode two years before the next election...he'll need that much time to convince those that voted for him before to give him even more time to spin down the country's engines and release us onto his Utopian tarmac who food, water & port-a-potties await between the unicorns.
Heaven help us to save America from evil and ignorant leaders.

"If we're gone tomorrow, the earth will not miss us." - Charlton Heston

20 April 2011

TOM'S OPINIONS & INFORMATION: The Final Enslavement of Mankind

TOM'S OPINIONS & INFORMATION: The Final Enslavement of Mankind: "Charges of a conspiracy theory are a convenient pretext to dismiss criticism when the global financial elites meet to shape the next evoluti..."

18 April 2011

Easter Ramble: The Land of Milk & Honey vs. The Land of Cow Squeeze & Bee Vomit

Liberal = Urban & Conservative = Rural?
I've been giving some more thought to this concept that urban & metropolitan areas tend to gravitate toward the religion of liberalism.  A ridiculous story this past weekend about some baseball player kids reminded me that I needed to revisit this.  Why? Well, folks know how superstitious ball players can be...the same socks, or even underwear...UNWASHED...could be used to continue the winning streak (no pun intended much.)  But no, these kids, now suspended from baseball for the season, thought that snapping the head off a chick would be a good idea.  For fifteen year-old's I'm sure this makes sense in some way.  Probably not malicious.  Probably not PETA-friendly.  Probably not santaria or sanitary.
But it might be 'no big deal' to them.  I don't know much about this story, I"ll admit. But if these kids come from a rural area where they're used to dealing with animals, hunting, fishing, etc. then killing a chicken is not so foreign.  Wasteful? yeah maybe.
But urbanites are shocked at the potential murderous intentions of these youths.  "Is it a sign of Bundyism in infancy?" they ask.  City dwellers are far removed from their food.  They don't think about what it takes to get something to table...and they are accustomed to being dependent on someone else to do all the preparation.  They simply pay and go.
So, with this is mind, is it any wonder that this 'distance' from true grit also accompanies a disdain for low-class farmers? for rural America in general.  But there is no less honor is mucking a stall well than there is entering data in a cubicle.  In fact, I would submit there is an inherent sense of fear in urbanites...close proximity to others creates a need to retreat into oneself.  Basic needs are provided by someone else, whether it is the bodega or ConEd.  Most rural folks don't feel this persistent latching-on, I believe. We get exposed to the earth, how to till, how to hunt & fish, how to be self-sufficient.
Truth is we are interdependent. The monetary system has provided a means for goods to cycle into cities in exchange for cash which is used and recognized outside the cities to continue the economy.  This flow is crucial for everyone to get what they need and most of what they want.  Markets fluctuate with demand to decide fair prices for commodities, etc.  But I would suggest that if the economic flow is interrupted, it is the urbanite that first finds himself without.  Paper money (or electronic debits) are not food.  They are not water.   They are not shelter.  Liberals demand the dismantling of our successful economy at their own peril.

Could the utter contempt of the mainstream media for Sarah Palin be linked to this anti-rural meme? Strong, independent mother, strong family values from an area untethered to big city America...away from the urban squalor and government stronghold.  It doesn't fit the social mold of earthmother hemp, bra-burnt antiwar at all costs, free sex but barren.
And she scares the bejeezus out of Liberals (once the bastion of female candidates) because she makes sense.  Independence!  Self-reliance!  Smart planning for efficiency!  All these things threaten the social status quo of the liberal urbanite who is more likely to depend on others, and government, for their daily bread.
It appears that the religion of liberalism has its tenets, priests and gods...but our prayer recognizes that its by HIS hands we are fed.  He gave hands and hearts to work and perform charity for others.  Big Government is a graven image, a sacred golden calf...and it's time to melt her down before we spend too many years in this wilderness.

29 March 2011

Government Busting - Liberal Style

A sure sign of just how close to anarchy we've become is this new notion that 'democracy' or majority rule should be a sure way to know the will of the people.  Whoever shouts loudest, longest, hardest wins the day.
The Founding Fathers knew how dangerous mob mentality can be; they'd seen in.  And so when they set out to devise government, they came up with ways to keep tyrant-kings from crushing folks with whim taxes or crushing mandates.  Freedom was paramount in the infrastructure to protect our new nation.  And so it was decided that a Republic would suit the bill.  Voices would gather to choose an official would speak on their behalf.  The 'local level' would work amongst themselves to figure out who would speak, and what they'd say.  This would preserve the diverse interests of our nation, while keeping the cacophonous voices organized.
It seems natural and sensible that groups would gather geographically, decide rules of behavior and govern themselves according to their beliefs.
So it was with great interest that I noticed a new lawsuit this morning.  A suit that challenges the formation of newer, smaller cities in the metropolitan Atlanta area.
Finding themselves on the fringe of the bustling metropolis and really suburb-cities with shopping zones and city services, etc. the citizens believed they could be better served by more-local voices.  After years of planning, districting, jockeying with county and city officials, working with the state...these small cities became efficient and strong; safe and clean.
What could possibly be wrong?
Blacks aren't in control.  And we just can't have that with a black President and a black mayor...we can't permit there to be any areas where white people clump up and have the majority. Divide like the Red Sea this clump of white folks!
Maybe Atlanta wants the taxes back.  Maybe it's because the state has a record 50/50 white to black ratio.  Whatever the case, Liberals want it both ways. They want to be the majority and the minority.  They want to be the loudest voice even if they are the fewest in the room.
Can you imagine the outcry if a white Reverend launched a lawsuit to dissolve cities that are predominantly black (and there are those) in the same area? The outcry would be Racism. And so this play is Racism.
This mood, this tactic is making the rounds.
This echoes what's happened in Wisconsin.  Use the law as a weapon to blast into power.
And if the majority votes go against them, they cry foul...they want a court to stop everything until they can wrest control back again.
This is what's happening in the Federal level as well.  It is not simply good enough for the Conservatives to keep the Liberals from progressing, we must beat them back; repeal their measures, bend the rules the way they've shown us they will...at least as far as they have.
Rep. Steve King reminds us that the Vietnam War was ended by a Liberal Congress defunding the war during a Continuing Resolution.  A Conservative Congress can surely defund ObamaCare using the same tool and the same language.

21 March 2011

What does sovereign mean in today's world?

These past few days have given me an opportunity to reflect on the nature of 'sovereignty.'  Not the coin. Not the queen. Most countries declare themselves sovereign...but what does that mean?  They declare themselves free from rule of other entities and that they will self-govern.
The middle east wrestles for change...hopefully for the better...so that they can have more personal freedom, to choose leadership, to improve their station in life, to demand basic services from an overtaxing, overbearing government.  Even the most oppressive governments can fall and the cycle of change seems to be sweeping the globe.
But what happened to the idea that people are sovereign? (and I'm not advocating sovereign citizen beliefs at all...I don't know enough about them to comment or care)  As nanny state liberals take over here in the States, personal sovereignty suffers.  Our ability to self-determine impeded.  Isn't this ability what was meant by life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
The more our government interferes in personal life, the bigger it gets with tracking and enforcement.  Tens of thousands of government cubicles are filled with paper-pushing rule makers, rule trackers.  And these are just the ones that are legitimately part of President cabinets...we aren't even considering the extra-Constitutional czar system which should be abolished.
I hope that as the Tea Party moves forward, a great cry of 'individual liberty' will come from the People and we can Right the wrong direction of the federal government.  If we can't get control of the rudder, then we have to get the engine room; and if we can't get that, we go for the sails, anchor, whatever.  I'm not ready to hit the lifeboat yet.  America can be great again...full of opportunity...an example of how a sovereign nation should behave in the global community.

18 March 2011

Too Big To Fail

"There has grown in the minds of certain groups in this country the idea that just because a man or corporation has made a profit out of the public for a number of years, the government and the courts are charged with guaranteeing such a profit in the future, even in the face of changing circumstances and contrary to public interest. This strange doctrine is supported by neither statute or common law. Neither corporations or individuals have the right to come into court and ask that the clock of history be stopped, or turned back."

Robert A. Heinlein, "Life-Line"  --  1939

17 March 2011

Liberals: On 'Taking Without Paying'

So I noticed this news item today which shows that the White House is cracking down on 'illegal streaming' and wants to make it a felony.  I can tell you that if someone is watching the latest Lady Gaga that way, there's a crime.  But seriously, how many kids can tell whether the latest tech is kosher? They probably can't. And they should be saddled with 'felony' for the rest of their lives any more than teenage Romeo & Juliet should be labeled 'sex offender.'

Isn't rape "taking without paying?"

The no-labels crowd would have us believe that the Scarlet Letter is going away...but it seems there is no evidence of that.

But the purpose of this blog entry is to illustrate something else.  What the White House wants to do is to crack down on people who are getting something without paying for it.  I submit to you that the poor, defenseless union protesters in Wisconsin (now forklifted by Michael Moore to Michigan and DC for Project Gaslight) are asking for benefits without paying for them.  Often disguised as 'concessions' (not the hot dog and Coke) these folks want freebies thrown in to their pay or they will hold services for ransom.  Public unionizing is a chokehold on the proverbial golden goose.

Aren't taxes at the point of a gun "taking without paying?"

This dichotomy of Liberals illustrates their lack of moral compass. It spins which ever way suits them best.

A public union member might argue with the White House, "But I deserve to download that movie for free.  The evil corporations who produce it get rich off controlling ticket prices, paying movie houses to feature their movies instead, and above all...I can't afford it.  It's only fair that everyone get to see the movies...set them free."  They would then kick over the moneychangers pots of gold, etc.

Isn't stealing from the produce aisle, even if you're hungry, "taking without paying?" (Les Miserables cue for Madison, WI demonstrators...what a laugh.)

But in this instance, the producers are the movie producers.  The product is artwork.  And the payments and royalties are paramount.  There is no talk of the poor unfortunates who can no longer afford cable TV, driven to stream movies or Doctor Who at the library, or swap mp3's with a friend to check out a new artist, or back up a copy of your favorite DVD for personal use, or fair use of recording audio played over your computer...no.

Now the talk is felony.  Potential here is to take your freedom and YOU'RE paying.

So which is the bigger crime, stealing from the wealth earmarked with the education of America's children? or children streaming content which does not air (because there is little demand) in the United States?  Which seems more felonious? How does 'skin in the game' relate in this situation?

What technologies might be affected by this? Netflix, TiVo, mobile phones, xfinity
What content might be affected by this? YouTube, streaming radio (talk?), government video, video chat

Another Pandora's box of uncertainty...and this time they've hooked the Chamber of Commerce in.

Obama's Big Government is putting the moves on the internet.  Remember how that worked out in Egypt?

13 March 2011

No Higher Law

Why are Liberals apoplectic over losing in Wisconsin last week?  I've given this a great deal of thought over the last week as I've watched what appears to be the grown-up equivalent of a terrible-two's temper tantrum.  It doesn't help that opportunists like Michael Moore are exploiting those poor folks; I imagine that Project Laughingstock will be processed into a wonderful Borat-inspired slap-dash DVD to line his pockets so he can hire more non-union help. What a loser.  And when "The Most Gullible Hillbillies I Know" is released, it will make a great case for why unions are nothing more than modern mobs...same pitchforks, same torches, same tired chants and slogans.
But why the "9/11" talk?
I dawns on me that the average Liberal believes in nothing higher than the law of the land. There is no moral or God that trumps law.  It is the small tin compass that creates limitations in their lives.
In contrast, a typical Conservative believes the law is like manners; a guide for public behavior to protect us from elbowing into one another; while private lives are guided by a sense of wrong and right...and a higher standard that the basic public law.
This is why DADT and DOMA are seen as such pivotal triumphs or losses in the liberal community.  High drama ensures. Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth are all permissible when their very foundations are shaken.  When Conservatives insist on laws that require personal responsibility, independent spirit, and entrepreneurial oomph, liberal moss fears the pruning shears at the oak tree.
These parasites will Rumplestilskin-stomp as long as they think that behavior will work.  But like all small children coming off a sugar high, we can't give in to demands for more cookies.

08 March 2011

Normal does not equal Legal

I have been thinking a great deal about how central to The Gay Agenda it is to normalize their behavior by calling it marriage. This comes from the very same group who refuse to accept bisexuals as gay, because they can't commit to being gay. As selfish as this is, it got me to thinking. Is a pedophile a pedophile if he never acts? Do we still consider this abhorrent and aberration if he never crosses the legal line? Do we accept him as a neighbor, churchgoer, boss or even spouse?
The Scarlet Letter was once an A for adulterer; Antisocial behavior that threatened the peace, order and legality of relationships. I submit that the letter has been any number of labels: leper, homophobe, nigger, cracker, faggot, etc. These words have power because they impact us. They carry with them the imprint of history and context. One may find some more powerful than others because of their own history and experience.
So when the gay agenda involves debasing what many to believe a holy rite, it is offensive. The law provides for social contracts between individuals...lifelong friends, caregivers, lovers...but this is not marriage. Gay activists should realize they cannot use the police state power to sway morality. What they do in their lives is their own concern inasmuch as it doesn't infringe on my freedoms, or for those who I am responsible. It is because of Patriots you can choose to live in debauchery; but I don't have to agree with your behavior.
The bus is in motion.
Sit down. Shut up. And enjoy the freedoms you have in this country or find a more suitable home. Suggestions? The tolerant middle east.

18 February 2011

UN Vote on Israel Puts US in a Bind - Wall Street Journal

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UN Vote on Israel Puts US in a Bind - Wall Street Journal


UN Vote on Israel Puts US in a Bind
Wall Street Journal
WASHINGTON—The Palestinian leadership is expected to submit to the United Nations Security Council as early as Friday a resolution calling Israeli settlement activity "illegal," a move that would likely trigger the first Obama ...
Hamas sees opportunity in change in EgyptLos Angeles Times
UN set to vote on settlement resolution; US set to vetoHa'aretz
Clinton Silent on U.S. Plan to Join U.N. Condemnation of IsraelFox News
Telegraph.co.uk -CNN -

Netherlands burns off Picasso painting by sending it to war zone

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West Bank Palestinians get rare chance to see Picasso

Palestinian art lovers are to get a rare chance to view a Picasso painting on loan from a museum in the Netherlands.

07 February 2011

Update on Federal Gun Magazine Ban Scheme

Lawless? AntiConstititional? Failure to Execute the Oath of Office? unAble to be anything other than illegal?
Osiris moves against the People stealthily.


31 January 2011

Not a Dot

US tagging of students irks India

India condemns US authorities for radio-tagging hundreds of Indian students duped by a fake university in California.

Goober Carter watches news, states obvious

Carter: Events in Egypt 'Earth-Shaking'

Former President Jimmy Carter says the political unrest and rioting in Egypt is an earth-shaking event and that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak probably will have to leave office.

30 January 2011

Sarah Palin beheaded in Montana children's play

Straw man...straw poll
Who routinely beheads? Oh, thats right its the peaceful religion of Islam
Arabs think she's uppity and needs to cover her face. But libs just want to put her down.

It’s True: The 10 Families Costing The UK £1 Million in Housing Benefits

"Social Cleansing"
This new buzzword has to do with reducing the cap on benefits, forcing folks on the dole to move to more modest locales. Britons are furious with waste and benefits disparity by location.  Student marches may be the tip of the iceberg for them. 

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It's True: The 10 Families Costing The UK £1 Million in Housing Benefits

One of the lucky recipients, Abdi Nur

Circling the drain.

(Daily Mail) — Ten families in England are sharing an astonishing £1million a year in housing benefits, it emerged last night. The huge sums being lavished on the families by the taxpayer are allowing them to live in streets normally reserved for millionaires. Five of the families are receiving the maximum payment of £2,000 per week.

It is the first proof that George Osborne was correct when he claimed some households were receiving sums in excess of £100,000 a year.

Last night, the Chancellor told the Daily Mail: 'It is precisely this kind of shocking waste of public money under the previous Labour government that led to Britain's debt problems.

'We are bringing an end to this by putting a cap on the total amount of benefit that a family can receive so the days of £100,000 housing benefit claims are gone.'

The Coalition triggered a furious reaction last year when it unveiled plans to cut the top rate of housing benefit to £400 a week. Chris Bryant, the Labour justice spokesman, said the cuts would lead to 'social cleansing', with 200,000 people forced out of the capital.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, also spoke of a 'Kosovo-style' exodus.

Critics even questioned whether Mr Osborne could back his claim that some families were in receipt of six-figure annual sums.

But Freedom of Information replies received by this newspaper show there are at least ten families in London sharing a £1million housing benefit bill between them. All are being housed in Westminster, Kensington or Chelsea – the wealthiest parts of the country.

(H/t TROP)