28 April 2011

We're here, not queer, get used to it..

In contemplating a blog entry for a piece like "Real men: where have all the cowboys gone?" I had planned a commentary on the rise of gay as a third gender, how that complicates equality movements by women and minorities, and how effeminized males have been made over the last 50 years. To tame the brute so they could not endanger the feminine sensibilities, it's been necessary to protect kids from sport, to demean competitive accomplishment, and to promote A-for-effort instead of true mastery.
I would submit that these principles counter natural selection and lower standards for all.
Attempting to be all things to all people only gives rise to mediocrity and disappointment. Our country cannot go down this way.
And in this vein of thought a golden distillation. Men by nature do not accept effeminate men...in fact they are repulsed, and this is natural. You see men are "born this way" too.
So militant minority San Francisco, hear this: I reject you, your lack of moral decency, your insistence that I must subjugate my will to yours. I will defend nature and God's marriage of man to woman because that is how it should be.
Do what you will with your free time, behind closed doors. But respect yourself enough not to become a walking cliche. Sex orientation should have a required manner of speech, dress, or need an advert. You must assimilate into the melting pot too if you expect beef to dissolve into broth.

25 April 2011

He Is Risen...to take the kids to school

An interview with a fellow over the Easter weekend gave me an interesting perspective.  Downsized to part time, then downsized to one day per week, then finally let go due to 'no work' this guy finds himself where many American men haven't been before, nor have they been brought up to know how to be anything other than the breadwinner of a family.
This is a trying time for many men who find their traditional role redefined; relying on their wives who, at first provided a secondary income in the service sector, but are now the primary breadwinner.  The toll is staggering on the male ego...many of whom grew up watching Andy Griffith or Hazel or Father Knows Best and whose own fathers were patriarchal.  Having established secondary incomes in households may have saved many American families from the same devastation of the first Great Depression.  But it's a tenuous struggle to meet the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter & transport.  Some men are walking away from their family, like homeowners from a mortgage they can't pay, knowing that they can eek out a living somewhere else, leaving mother and kids behind on state sponsored welfare.  Some men are struggling to find a role behind the apron...the new househusband, suddenly daily effeminate behind the vacuum that once was an occasional task.  Some men are castrated by the artificially suppressed job market, finding themselves at the mercy of big government whims that keep companies from hiring.
Men who worked their entire lives are finding themselves in their mid-forties and devastated...financially and mentally.  Unable to start again and save enough for retirement, facing massive debt and responsibilities of children who are already or will soon need college, and seeing little opportunity for a change during the next two years...they have a great deal of time on their hands.  They have time to watch a broken government. They have time to see the vortex of overspending.  They have time to evaluate every Congressman and every piece of legislation publicly available.  They have time to establish networks of other like-minded (and out of work) folks who will move against this regime and fight for prosperity...if not for themselves, for their children.
Manipulation of the unemployment figure further undermines the crisis in the middle-aged male population.  But they see through this.  They've experienced success already and aren't the malleable mush-heads of college campuses...polluted with socialist ideals & no consequences.
The working class is getting the hardest type of education and will vote for their own self-interest.  The Takers make up nearly half of the population and the Makers are being told they're 'lucky' to have work.  The Administration orchestrates a crisis to create ever greater dependency on Big Government.
While preparing peanut butter sandwiches for kids lunches, middle aged men wonder: Do they understand economy isn't just about money changing hands but how much value is added or lost when it does?  Do they believe they can save us from Chinese debt by deflating the dollar's power so much?  How much gold will Texas stockpile?  Can Republicans win as swiftly and as decisively as the Democrats under Pelosi or will they argue over what color the chess pieces should be?  
The middle-aged middle class is left with the sinking feeling of "this is not where I expected to be and this is not what I expected to be doing at this stage of my life."  Jobs.  Opportunity.  Will they come back? or is this it? Have we seen all the boom-time we're going to see in my lifetime?  Is it time to just get a cabin in the mountains and grow corn and raise chickens? Is modern America gone?
There's a reason Obama is in campaign mode two years before the next election...he'll need that much time to convince those that voted for him before to give him even more time to spin down the country's engines and release us onto his Utopian tarmac who food, water & port-a-potties await between the unicorns.
Heaven help us to save America from evil and ignorant leaders.

"If we're gone tomorrow, the earth will not miss us." - Charlton Heston

20 April 2011

TOM'S OPINIONS & INFORMATION: The Final Enslavement of Mankind

TOM'S OPINIONS & INFORMATION: The Final Enslavement of Mankind: "Charges of a conspiracy theory are a convenient pretext to dismiss criticism when the global financial elites meet to shape the next evoluti..."

18 April 2011

Easter Ramble: The Land of Milk & Honey vs. The Land of Cow Squeeze & Bee Vomit

Liberal = Urban & Conservative = Rural?
I've been giving some more thought to this concept that urban & metropolitan areas tend to gravitate toward the religion of liberalism.  A ridiculous story this past weekend about some baseball player kids reminded me that I needed to revisit this.  Why? Well, folks know how superstitious ball players can be...the same socks, or even underwear...UNWASHED...could be used to continue the winning streak (no pun intended much.)  But no, these kids, now suspended from baseball for the season, thought that snapping the head off a chick would be a good idea.  For fifteen year-old's I'm sure this makes sense in some way.  Probably not malicious.  Probably not PETA-friendly.  Probably not santaria or sanitary.
But it might be 'no big deal' to them.  I don't know much about this story, I"ll admit. But if these kids come from a rural area where they're used to dealing with animals, hunting, fishing, etc. then killing a chicken is not so foreign.  Wasteful? yeah maybe.
But urbanites are shocked at the potential murderous intentions of these youths.  "Is it a sign of Bundyism in infancy?" they ask.  City dwellers are far removed from their food.  They don't think about what it takes to get something to table...and they are accustomed to being dependent on someone else to do all the preparation.  They simply pay and go.
So, with this is mind, is it any wonder that this 'distance' from true grit also accompanies a disdain for low-class farmers? for rural America in general.  But there is no less honor is mucking a stall well than there is entering data in a cubicle.  In fact, I would submit there is an inherent sense of fear in urbanites...close proximity to others creates a need to retreat into oneself.  Basic needs are provided by someone else, whether it is the bodega or ConEd.  Most rural folks don't feel this persistent latching-on, I believe. We get exposed to the earth, how to till, how to hunt & fish, how to be self-sufficient.
Truth is we are interdependent. The monetary system has provided a means for goods to cycle into cities in exchange for cash which is used and recognized outside the cities to continue the economy.  This flow is crucial for everyone to get what they need and most of what they want.  Markets fluctuate with demand to decide fair prices for commodities, etc.  But I would suggest that if the economic flow is interrupted, it is the urbanite that first finds himself without.  Paper money (or electronic debits) are not food.  They are not water.   They are not shelter.  Liberals demand the dismantling of our successful economy at their own peril.

Could the utter contempt of the mainstream media for Sarah Palin be linked to this anti-rural meme? Strong, independent mother, strong family values from an area untethered to big city America...away from the urban squalor and government stronghold.  It doesn't fit the social mold of earthmother hemp, bra-burnt antiwar at all costs, free sex but barren.
And she scares the bejeezus out of Liberals (once the bastion of female candidates) because she makes sense.  Independence!  Self-reliance!  Smart planning for efficiency!  All these things threaten the social status quo of the liberal urbanite who is more likely to depend on others, and government, for their daily bread.
It appears that the religion of liberalism has its tenets, priests and gods...but our prayer recognizes that its by HIS hands we are fed.  He gave hands and hearts to work and perform charity for others.  Big Government is a graven image, a sacred golden calf...and it's time to melt her down before we spend too many years in this wilderness.