13 November 2014

Who are you? More importantly...what are THEY?

Scorpion or Frog... Aesop Still Relevant

24 October 2014

Servant of Bones

If our mortal coil holds our spirits here it makes sense that ghosts can roam nearby as bodies stay in the
ground.  Some folks find this unacceptably horrifying and others sweet...as it gives those spirits the opportunity to tether themselves for a while, to finish business, to make sure loved ones are okay.  And perhaps, if this is true, they have have until those bones fade away into the dust that we all are said to spring from...return to the Earth, whose system we are a part.  If this sounds about right then destroying those bones should release that spirit to move on to other things.  And if spirits are not bound to Earth and time, they are all they were and will be all at once, a concept nearly impossible for the human mind to grasp...because we, here in this bubble of time, this ephemeral Moment of Creation, are just passing through.
While I don't know if sealing up bones with gold creates a djinn like some folks think, I"m happy to know that those who I know, who have been cremated, have moved like smoke into a greater plane of existence.

Most Conservatives believe there is something else...something next...something to come.  Imagine the existence of those who only think life is today, now, what you can get...how short and meaningless and hardscrabble. The destruction of the human Family is underway and we have to fight against the dying of the light.

17 August 2014

Immoral Equivalency

It is often difficult for Christian Americans to know how to respond when faced with the question...why shouldn't  Islamists have the same rights and freedoms as others enjoy in the United States?  The appeal to our sense of fairness is almost immediately disarming, as we have been raised with the charter to accept all first and assume the best of them...it's what made this great nation possible, to embrace differences as a strength, to learn from intercultural exchange as a means to connect with others on a peaceful and happy plane.
A constant refrain from the Left includes a need to eliminate references to Christianity in our government..indeed any references to religion at all.  As with much of what they believe, it is short-memoried, disrespectful of the past, and oblivious to the present and future.
An overarching theme in the Judeo-Christian modern America is the desire to work together with, to build up, to ensure the safety of, to be respectful of those who are unlike ourselves but with whom we agree on civil sociological norms.  And I'm talking about big picture norms...not micromanaging police state or forced conversions.
This week we were reminded again how doggedly persistent the idiots on the Left are and how they are not willing to allow sanctuary for any Conservative ideas even when they are the majority.  While I haven't read too much about the Ten Commandments story in Alabama, I did hear the drive-by's mocking the lawmaker's reasoning...the the Ten Commandments deserves a place in a courthouse display of legal documents...and I mulled that concept most of the week.
Another element that entered my mind is the brainless zero-tolerance rules that roll out of public school like a sewer.  Public school is often a clear microcosm of what's wrong with society at large.  And while I could rail on about the inefficiencies, the bureaucratic nightmare, the Stalinist pre-prison treatment...that must wait for another blog post.  Zero tolerance = zero sense, I often say.  And I mean this quite literally.  Zero tolerance rules allow school officials to have a black & white set of rules that all must abide by and there are no exceptions.  Why?  Why isn't a pop-tart nibbled in to the shape of a pistol tolerable?  Why can't a child bring his own lunch if he doesn't like what Buickbutt prepared?  I'll tell you why... because that would require decision-making...that would require someone to put their own ethics on the line and declare, "Why this is fine!" on the chance that someone would be unhappy with the exception, wanting exceptions of their own until chaos and anarchy ensue at the lunch line.
But it goes deeper than that...and that's the realization I've made this week.  It seems so obvious; but it's subtly deep. You see to make a judgement, and an exception if needed, you must have a moral compass.  You have to base that on something...otherwise there is no generalized 'good' and 'bad.'  If you make determinations on your own, you must then defend your mode of thinking and why you think a punishment is just or a pass is needed.  By removing this pesky step, liberals' zero tolerance ensures that not only are Christian ideals suppressed, but any idea of exception is eliminated.  They want rigid.  They want force. They idealize control.  Which is weird, because you would think that the brand that has evolved from the hippy generation would be a lot less controlling.  But they aren't.  In fact they seem to thrive on less choice and top-down 'tell me what to do so I don't have to think for myself.'  And frankly, that's Satanic.  No, really.  I wrote a whole other blog entry about that.
Needless to say, by eliminating a sense of right and wrong, the law becomes a thing unto itself...ultimate.  No exceptions, no second chances.  We owe it to humanity to protect our progress ahead of this ancient system.

God has rules too...but a striking dis-similarity between fundamental western philosophies and those of the 6th centurians is the ideal of Justice combined with Mercy.
Religion of Peace Pieces
This concept has no place in the Mohammedan way.  They would much rather hark back to the Ebla or Hammurabi codes where there is no Mercy involved in determining how people should interact with one another.
All the texts and belief systems that brought us to the grand American Experiment are important.  We must study the Greeks, the Europeans, the sects of Christians who disagreed with each other and sought a place to worship in their own way...who found common ground and built up a new society. We must examine all the American experiences, learn from our mistakes, move past them and build upward and onward.
Liberals do not like this foundation though.  They seek to undermine our country by weakening her structures, overwhelming her providence, and sacking the civil society.
This week of turmoil in St. Louis' suburbs is a key indicator that the fabric of society is weak and is tearing.  There are calls for justice in the shooting death of an 18 year-old man.  There are vicious assaults on sanity too...claiming that the victim's behavior should have nothing to do with his death.  This disconnect, between behavior and consequences, is reflective of Obama's government.  If we did not have the tempering effects of Judeo-Christian principles, theft from a store might be punishable by chopping off the hands or death.
Justice tempered with Mercy...a concept core to Western society, is missing from Islamist beliefs
But try to explain that to the uneducated, the Liberal or the riot-hungry populace is a futile job.  The grown-ups must take control of this country by voting in Conservatives in November, dispensing with the Leftist chaos of the Obama upheaval, and beginning to put our country back on track. We must put the great Mediator back into the structure that can mean liberty or shackles for us all.

18 July 2014

Malaysian Airliner Full Of Corpses?

Rebel Leader Gives Bizarre Account of Plane Crash

Ukrainian rebel leader gives bizarre account of plane crash, suggesting victims dead for days

The Associated Press

A top pro-Russia rebel commander in eastern Ukraine has given a bizarre version of events surrounding the Malaysian jetliner crash รข€” suggesting many of the victims may have died days before the plane took off.
The pro-rebel website Russkaya Vesna on Friday quoted Igor Girkin as saying he was told by people at the crash site that "a significant number of the bodies weren't fresh," adding that he was told they were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.
The Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 was shot down Thursday, killing all 298 people aboard. The plane was flying 10,000 meters above an area where Ukrainian forces have been fighting separatist rebels. Each side accuses the other of downing the plane.
U.S. intelligence authorities said a surface-to-air missile brought down the plane, and U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power told the U.N. Security Council in New York on Friday that the missile was likely fired from a rebel-held area near the Russian border.
Girkin, also known as Strelkov and allegedly a former Russian military intelligence agent, said he couldn't confirm the information. But it's sure to add to the intense emotions surrounding the crash, with the rebels accused of shooting down the plane.
Girkin said "Ukrainian authorities are capable of any baseness."
He claimed that a large amount of blood serum and medications were found in the wreckage.

11 July 2014

Holier Than Thou

I've often wondered where the arrogance of our current leader comes from.  After all, the rest of us grew up humming 'No More Kings' from Schoolhouse Rock.  Words used to describe him often include imperial, manchild, and messiah.  Offensive to Christians, that last one got me to thinking about something I'd seen before.  I noodled around and couldn't really find anything about Obama's African ancestry, but, what followed on the other side was a rabbit hole through the internet.
First, I had a look at what the scholars had found out about Obama's ancestry.  Looks like you can follow a maternal line to a #1776 Maureen Duval from France (Marin Duval.)
Obama is said to descend from Maureen Duval and Susannah Brashears who was also French.
The line in France is a little fuzzy prior to the 1500's.
Mary Magdalene arrives in Gaul pregnant
Then there's this assertion, that Obama is a descendant of Charlemagne.  Unless you speak French and know how to traverse genealogy archives there, you have to leap.
Geographically and using names, it doesn't take but a click or two to find the mysterious Black Madonna and how it shows up a great deal in France. The lore around her is that she is either a dark-skinned servant who arrived on the boat with Mary Magdalene, a local villager who attached herself to the group, or was the child of Jesus' that Mary Magdalene birthed after she arrived.
One of those great conspiracy theory things that seems to be so popular since Da Vinci Code is that the Grail is really Mary Magdalene, a chalice that bore Christ's blood (descendant)...how there are secret societies and scrolls that contradict the Roman Church and hide the holy family.
It's one of those internet searches that takes you way out in the realm of the truly weird...and could even be designed to falsely demonstrate that someone is a whack-job for trying to follow Obama's heredity.  At some point it just seems like too much information. But the conclusions drawn are either that Obama is a double-descendant of holiness and is a Antichrist.  The overlay in Christian and non (Pagan, pre-Christian, more)
messiah OR he's an
It doesn't matter.
None of that matters more than the content of the character of the man in the role of President.  Whether on purpose or foolish, Obama's actions are killing the country.

15 June 2014

Bill Ayers History Inspires Obama ilLegalities

It occurs to me that there is a very good reason for the Obama Administration to direct acolytes to do as many illegal things as possible.  For you see, with the level of illegality and corruption in the record-keeping and investigation processes, most of the evidence will need to be  thrown out of a just court and any crony court will let them off the hook as well.  Congress needs to have a look at the depth of corruption as the Executive Branch has turned against the People and consider how to eliminate the embedded bureaucracy, flatten the distance between government and the people, and return the federal government to it's Constitutional role ... small, in charge of national defense, and out of the business of the states.

09 June 2014

Anti White Sentiment ... Coming This Fall!

So TiVo made the Upfronts available for viewer voting this week. Fun! I thought. So we dug in to the previews from Disney's very own ABC. What evolved was a trend that I found offensive and disturbing. Let me demonstrate via our friends at YouTube
First up is Cristela. In short, exasperated gringo with a big house (strangely similar to Tim Allen's in Last Man Standing which has a not-so-cool stereotypical Mexican maid)  and his Hispanic wife (who says nothing during the preview a la Wilson from Home Improvement) and apparently hosts her entire family including ne'er-do-well sister Cristela whose madcap adventures apparently revolve around race. Have a look.

I'm over-sensitive? Okay, next up is Black-ish and while I agree it looks a little entertaining, the central focus is on how the family is acting "too white" which, got me to thinking ... hmmm... that's two, but okay.

Now comes an Asian Chris Rock retread.  Basically about a kid who finds growing up with a proud immigrant father in 90s Orlando just intolerable.  The crew is unhappy about moving to central Florida to manage a steakhouse (Dad's dream) and the feeling is shared by just about everyone who is cool and not in love with "acting white" like right-leaning Dad.  Imaginatively titled too.
The last ABC entry here is a new Shonda Rhimes story about a law teacher who seems to get her freshman class to help her win cases by whatever means necessary.  Strong black female lead...no problem.  It looks smart like Scandal.  But I can tell I'm not going to like it for the same reason I stopped watching Scandal after season 1.  There are no good guys.  Scandal is full of selfish, petty, powerful, malicious people...a shark tank with no redemption.  I don't need a TV show for that; I can watch a Susan Rice.  
And by the way, if Scandal really is based around the Clinton White House...the body count is way low.  Discredit witnesses.  Deceive the jury with another potentially guilty party.  Destroy evidence.  Great, let's give these college students some help so they never have to pay back more than 10% of their earnings to student loan debt.

I will give a thumbs-up to only one show that even looks promising and I am a sucker for supernatural stuff, but I was surprised when Believe was canceled this year.  I really liked its Firestarter vibe.  This one seems a little less hopeful though.
The rest are hopeless filler.  Galavant is tiresome gleek fare from the start as some sort of Monty Python farce musical.  Forever is a mash-up of Sleepy Hollow and New Amsterdam and Highlander...but still looks like it will have a short shelf-life. Manhattan Love Story? barf.  And American Crime tries to conscript Ryan Phillipe as a "white guy" who finds the body of a 5 year-old neighbor boy and soon finds himself inexplicably the target of suspicion.  Pass...I'm about done with the 24 style knockoff's.

So I'm looking hard for a new show that has a positive white male role model... er positively-portrayed white guy, and except for the immortal Brit at the center of Forever, we get a big goose egg from our friends at ABC.

I'll try to slog through another batch of Upfront's tomorrow...but I gotta tell you, there may be very few diamonds in this rough tv season ahead.  Our entertainment choices seem to be appealing to (and reinforcing) some of the worst results of Obama's rule and fundamental changes. 

01 March 2014

From the Wall Street Journal (lest it disappear): Bradley A. Smith: Connecting the Dots in the IRS Scandal The 'smoking gun' in the targeting of conservative groups has been hiding in plain sight.

By BRADLEY A. SMITH Feb. 26, 2014 7:47 p.m. ET The mainstream press has justified its lack of coverage over the Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservative groups because there's been no "smoking gun" tying President Obama to the scandal. This betrays a remarkable, if not willful, failure to understand abuse of power. The political pressure on the IRS to delay or deny tax-exempt status for conservative groups has been obvious to anyone who cares to open his eyes. It did not come from a direct order from the White House, but it didn't have to. First, some background: On Jan. 21, 2010, the Supreme Court issued its ruling in Citizens United v. FEC upholding the right of corporations and unions to make independent expenditures in political races. Then, on March 26, relying on Citizens United, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the rights of persons (including corporations) to pool resources for political purposes. This allowed the creation of "super PACs" as well as corporate contributions to groups organized under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code that spend in political races. The reaction to Citizens United was no secret. Various news outlets such as CNN noted that "Democrats fear the decision has given the traditionally pro-business GOP a powerful new advantage." The 501(c)(4) groups in question are officially known as "social-welfare organizations." They have for decades been permitted to engage in political activity under IRS rules, so long as their primary purpose (generally understood to be more than 50% of their activity) wasn't political. They are permitted to lobby without limitation and are not required to disclose their donors. The groups span the political spectrum, from the National Rifle Association to Common Cause to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. If forced out of 501(c)(4) status, these nonprofit advocacy groups would have to reorganize as for-profit corporations and pay taxes on donations received, or reorganize as "political committees" under Section 527 of the IRS Code and be forced to disclose their donors. Now consider the following events, all of which were either widely reported, publicly released by officeholders or revealed later in testimony to Congress. These are the dots the media refuse to connect: • Jan. 27, 2010: President Obama criticizes Citizens United in his State of the Union address and asks Congress to "correct" the decision. • Feb. 11, 2010: Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) says he will introduce legislation known as the Disclose Act to place new restrictions on some political activity by corporations and force more public disclosure of contributions to 501(c)(4) organizations. Mr. Schumer says the bill is intended to "embarrass companies" out of exercising the rights recognized inCitizens United. "The deterrent effect should not be underestimated," he said. • Soon after, in March 2010, Mr. Obama publicly criticizes conservative 501(c)(4) organizations engaging in politics. In his Aug. 21 radio address, he warns Americans about "shadowy groups with harmless sounding names" and a "corporate takeover of our democracy." • Sept. 28, 2010: Mr. Obama publicly accuses conservative 501(c)(4) organizations of "posing as not-for-profit, social welfare and trade groups." Max Baucus, then chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, asks the IRS to investigate 501(c)(4)s, specifically citing Americans for Job Security, an advocacy group that says its role is to "put forth a pro-growth, pro-jobs message to the American people." • Oct. 11, 2010: Sen. Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) asks the IRS to investigate the conservative 501(c)(4) Crossroads GPS and "other organizations." • April 2011: White House officials confirm that Mr. Obama is considering an executive order that would require all government contractors to disclose their donations to politically active organizations as part of their bids for government work. The proposal is later dropped amid opposition across the political spectrum. • Feb. 16, 2012: Seven Democratic senators— Michael Bennet (Colo.), Al Franken (Minn.), Jeff Merkley (Ore.), Mr. Schumer, Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.), Tom Udall (N.M.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.)—write to the IRS asking for an investigation of conservative 501(c)(4) organizations. • March 12, 2012: The same seven Democrats write another letter asking for further investigation of conservative 501(c)(4)s, claiming abuse of their tax status. • July 27, 2012: Sen. Carl Levin (D., Mich.) writes one of several letters to then-IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman seeking a probe of nine conservative groups, plus two liberal and one centrist organization. In 2013 testimony to the HouseOversight and Government Reform Committee, former IRS Acting Commissioner Steven Miller describes Sen. Levin as complaining "bitterly" to the IRS and demanding investigations. • Aug. 31, 2012: In another letter to the IRS, Sen. Levin calls its failure to investigate and prosecute targeted organizations "unacceptable." • Dec. 14, 2012: The liberal media outlet ProPublica receives Crossroads GPS's 2010 application for tax-exempt status from the IRS. Because the group's tax-exempt status had not been recognized, the application was confidential. ProPublica publishes the full application. It later reports that it received nine confidential pending applications from IRS agents, six of which it published. None of the applications was from a left-leaning organization. • April 9, 2013: Sen. Whitehouse convenes the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism to examine nonprofits. He alleges that nonprofits are violating federal law by making false statements about their political activities and donors and using shell companies to donate to super PACs to hide donors' identities. He berates Patricia Haynes, then-deputy chief of Criminal Investigation at the IRS, for not prosecuting conservative nonprofits. • May 10, 2013: Sen. Levin announces that the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations will hold hearings on "the IRS's failure to enforce the law requiring that tax-exempt 501(c)(4)s be engaged exclusively in social welfare activities, not partisan politics." Three days later he postpones the hearings when Lois Lerner (then-director of the IRS Exempt Organizations Division) reveals that the IRS had been targeting and delaying the applications of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status. • Nov. 29, 2013: The IRS proposes new rules redefining "political activity" to include activities such as voter-registration drives and the production of nonpartisan legislative scorecards to restrict what the agency deems as excessive spending on campaigns by tax-exempt 501(c)(4) groups. Even many liberal nonprofits argue that the rule goes too far in limiting their political activity—but the main target appears to be the conservative 501(c)(4)s that have so irritated Democrats. • Feb. 13, 2014: The Hill newspaper reports that "Senate Democrats facing tough elections this year want the Internal Revenue Service to play a more aggressive role in regulating outside groups expected to spend millions of dollars on their races." In 1170, King Henry II is said to have cried out, on hearing of the latest actions of the Archbishop of Canterbury, "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?" Four knights then murdered the archbishop. Many in the U.S. media still willfully refuse to see anything connecting the murder of the archbishop to any actions or abuse of power by the king. Mr. Smith, a former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, is chairman of the Center for Competitive Politics.