17 November 2012

How Minorities Rule America

How can 30 states have Republican governors while Democrats seem to be running the circus and the sideshows?
One of the successful strategies of the Left has been to build up a loud super-minority in places that the GOP has given up on...like California. The Left Coast has become a nasty brew pot of some of the most liberal flakes on the planet...and they will tell you that democracy is the best government...power to the people, right? But when they bring an obvious 'right' up for a vote, in home-turf California, and it doesn't get the approval of the majority, is that the end of it? The people have spoken, right? Wrong...especially if you can call the majority bigots or homophobes or racists or whatnot or white or rich or .... Take Prop 8 success in old CA? The majority spoke out and said the definition of marriage is one man & one woman. But the super-minority in the case see this is a simple nuisance, because they believe they deserve to take this right...this privilege away from the Have's. Because now they can march and get in the face of the Have's...and it's WAR. Where we have a real problem though is that this minority can then appeal their case to the left-leaning Supreme Court of the United States beyond their state. Now it seems to me that jurisdiction for a state proposition should die in the state if it cannot pass. SCOTUS should be in the picture only in the case of a dispute between states, or a dispute between the other two branches, or if a state law has been raised as unConstitutional by a suit. But this pack of penguins who failed to strangle ObamaCare in its cradle will be more than happy to weigh in on any other excuse to drive liberalism down our throats. And if they strike down Prop 8 as unConsitutional, they create a precedent. Now there was a time when that precedent meant jurists should consider how cases like this were decided...but now we live in Amerika. The Federal Government has told states that any Federal law trumps. So what is the point of having state law anyway? or local law? The federal government has taken on the role of kingdom...with SCOTUS its vizier. So, a liberal minority in California, or anywhere, can use the court system...take as long as necessary...spend as much as needed...and appeal decisions up the chain until they get the answer they want or a consolation prize... a federal law is established that all states, the majorities, the People must swallow. That's not democracy...that's not a republic. Perhaps we should take a page out of this book and note that sometimes you need to play the long game. The people of California didn't want gay marriage, but they're going to get it anyway...it would have been better to give away the inch before they took the mile. I fear for States' Rights. Our red Governors who refuse to implement the ObamaCare exchanges may bring the whole thing down by failing to fund it (finding out what's in it Nancy.) And oddly enough the passage of "pot's okay" laws by the states challenge the Federal government in a way that Lib overlords don't like...so expect them to move to a national policy in reaction to 'what the People want.' In the meantime, I'll hang out here in Malebolgia and work on strengthening local strictures to keep my area strong. Good luck out there. cross-posted at RedState.com http://www.redstate.com/butteredbiscuit/2012/11/17/how-minorities-rule-america/

10 November 2012

God Didn't Answer Your Prayer In November? Wrong.

God answered. His answer was no. Job had a long way
to go before he learned humility. I fear the goats outnumber the sheep but that doesn't mean that I won't make my perimeter, do what I can to make my little patch of earth part of what God wants. And that means I'm continuing to work at the local, state and national level every time there is a choice. And every purchase is a vote if you consider it carefully. We are far from powerless...and with 30 GOP governors, there are ways to make No work. When rape occurs, no means no. When the libs are raping our lands and futures, no means no. I will not compromise what I know is true and right because it makes someone else more comfortable. If my community is a family-friendly environment and some libtards move in and start demanding acceptance...good luck with that. Self-segregation yourself back to San Franciso, Chicago, or whatever blue city suits you most. For out here in flyover country, we work for what we use and we defend our hard won resources with second amendment solutions.

05 November 2012