12 September 2013

Okay, I admit it...I lurk.  I love to read other people's blogs and follow them and see how their lives are going.  And I rarely get involved or comment because...well...it's really none of my damn business.  But this week, I felt compelled to reach out to some folks in the Conservative sphere who I admire...mainly because they're going through stuff...and, well, I am too.  And whether it was to commiserate in a misery loves company sort of way...to offer a trite "you're not alone"...or a "here's something that has helped me"...I have no answers for these folks.  We're all in the same boat, navigating uncertain waters...unsure of the endgame...but really sure about some core values.
So as the Planet X of these guys' solar systems (I am not really part of their lives or run in their circles mainly because I'm an old fart and they're young up-and-comer's with a whole life at their feet...they just don't know it yet) I offer up my favorite anecdote.

I heard a talk once..."Attitude Determines Altitude"  I can't remember who to attribute it to.  I tried to google it but can't find exactly what I'm looking for.  Someone told me it was Og Mandino or Zig Ziglar, who are great motivators...but.  The way I heard it was something like.
Planes don't just float in the sky.  It takes thrust..effort to move forward.  And properly configured, these craft don't stay on the ground.  Why? because resistance meets that force, shaped around the wings creating lift and drag.
Once airborne, the attitude of an airplane in flight is how it's aiming.  Nose up, the plane climbs. Flaps, ailerons, tail...it all has to work together to stay aloft.... But as the plane encounters resistance while pushing ahead, it is the attitude that determines whether she climbs or falls.
As we encounter resistance in our daily lives, it is our attitude too that determines whether we rise to meet the challenge or let it drag us down.
We can take those headwinds that challenge us and let them bring our journey to a halt or we can use it to lift us to greater heights and distances.

I'm coasting.  My GPS is recalculating.  I'm listening over the radio for some direction. And it will come.  The course correction will happen and then I will fly farther and faster.

Remember, especially in social media...there are likeminded individuals who cheer your successes and who want to lift you up in your failures.  Discount those slings and arrows from the warring class who only live to fight for the low ground.  As @TheHermanCain says, we are an Army of Davids.  As @MarkLevinShow says...it took us a hundred years to get here...and it will be a slow process to mooring the country back to the Constitution.

Take the time to let someone you follow know how much you appreciate what they do and how much it means to you.  We are all in this together...and even those we think are beyond Satan's grasp? those are the ones he wants to win the most.

For: Andrew Lawton, Brandon Morse

29 July 2013

My First Repost...Worthy Read from Tom O'Halloran's site

You’re white, you’re guilty, you’re dead! (via Tom O'Halloran)

(Editor’s note: Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse. WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by…

09 July 2013

Baconation Bacchanalia

I love Mark Levin...he is so informed; so intelligent...and simply, the man makes sense and I feel that I get to commiserate a little when he vents.  One evening this week he chided a misguided segment of the GOP 'conservatives' who are falling into eddies of religious fundamentalism instead sticking to core principles of freedom and Constitutionalism.  But his comments got me to thinking about something in a way I hadn't really considered before.
When we talk about illegal immigration, it's often in the context and vacuum of what is right and wrong about the system.  We rarely blame those people for crossing the border to find a better life for themselves and their families because...well...you can expect people will do what's in their self interest.  One meme I fall back on is ... if you don't want ants, you don't leave out sugar and water.  The gifts of milk and honey available from our freehearted feds attract everyone in need (or want.)  If we cut off the milk supply and make it less attractive to cross the border simply to get on benefits, then the problem resolves itself, right?
While this may or may not be the best solution for illegal immigration...perhaps it would an effective way to defend from a much greater threat to our nations well-being.

You may or may not have seen the series "V" from the 80's.  Basically an alien invasion story that eventually  ends when Earth-folk figure out how to make a substance that is poison to the invaders but harmless to humans.  I guess it was a riff off the old "War of the Worlds" common cold thing.

But that's exactly what we need to do.  Make our lands so unpalatable to primitives that they don't want to touch the unclean...for what good are spoiled spoils, right?  That's what they want, right...our stuff?

Let me explain.

I notice that Applebee's appears to be free from terrorist attacks.  Among other things, Applebee's makes use of a LOT of bacon in their recipes...to the point where you get bacon on stuff you'd never expect.  But, hey, if it saves one life...

We also need more nudie billboards, more commerce & banking, no acceptance of hijabs on driver licenses, etc.  They can choose to suck a camel or they can come here and adapt to the modern world.

London's street attacks were heinous.  It is clear the ack-bar Mo's are ready to fight and die on principle.  Britons have made accommodations for the foreigners who nearly outnumber them now.  It's a war between barbarians with knives and disarmed civilians.

I applaud the midwestern company that is making bacon-coasted bullets to ensure violent jihadis go to hell.  Go directly to hell.

08 July 2013

Car In The Ditch..But The Haywagon Will Carry Democrats To Town

On 7/1/2013 on @TheHermanCain show, a caller was explaining to @EWerickson that if you add all the 0bot votes to all those who are dependent on the Machine of federal government, they've captured a majority of votes in this country. Between the drumbeat of mob-think and the refusal of elected leaders to enforce laws passed by the People we are truly losing our Republic. Erick seemed to shrug off the caller by saying that we don't need to do anything...that @TheDemocrats terrible policies will cave in on themselves and people will be looking for an alternative. I strongly disagree. The Left has managed to take control of the messaging and any failure by this administration will be painted as Republican sabotage.
I also believe that when Obama's base starts being affected by the grossly negligent policies, @TheDemocrats swoop in and 'save the day' by exempting the low-info leeches and those that have cronied up to Obama. It's protection money, fleeced from the middle class. The underclass is then told THEY are the middle class. We must take control of the local schools, become active in local politics, and educate others where they will hear.

08 April 2013

@TheDemocrats Won't Recognize That Outliers Are Minorities

Who needs THAT many rounds of ammo?
Well I don't know and neither do you Mr/Mrs Oligarch.  The Constitution says I can use what I need to maintain my sovereignty and protect my family and belongings.
Here are some questions for you to consider.
Who needs a private plane? or for that matter a wider passenger seat?
Who needs a spatula to get in and out of a pool?
Who needs more than 800 sq ft of living space?
Who needs to eat carbs?
Who needs to drive faster than 45mph?
Nobody should have to be forced to look at someone else's religious symbols;
Nobody should allow their GMO corn to cross a dirt road.

Red Tape Snare
You see...every time you lay out a red tape...a red line...there is a logical and ethical exception to that rule.  But by legislating these outliers into near-irrelevance, you create (by accident I'm sure) a minority...whose rights should be protected while servicing the average folks (the majority.)

Politicians are making sweeping generalizations that NOBODY NEEDS X and remember they're adding more bureaucracy to manage these rules too...you know, government employment...and they'll need more of your tax dollars to ensure compliance.

So when a private plane delivers a life-saving transplant;
when a grandmother of 83 and a new hip needs more than a 14-inch airplane seat;
when hotel guests are disappointed because there is no pool because disability compliance is too costly;
when a family of six needs more sleeping space than the standard New Yorker;
when an underweight child needs to consume more calories to improve health;
when one has to get a labor-stricken woman to an emergency room to deliver;
when a happy child wants to decorate their front door for Christmas;
when a farmer just needs to break even this year...
remember liberals...you've become the ugly oppressive majority, you're on every channel, in everybody's face, and well frankly...you treat minorities like sh!t.

The Rest Of Us

23 March 2013

Taxation Without Representation

In a turnabout that took a couple-a-hundred years, our America has returned to its roots...to age enough to become the King George it once fought against.  Our tax code provides that there are many who pay no effective tax...nay...they receive from the coffers because it is what's "fair" by the posse.

I am not talking about those poor destitute souls who have washed ashore in unparalleled tragic consequence, with no means or ability to care for themselves, with no family or church to assist, with no neighbor.  No, I mean the new definition of welfare state.  Those deemed handicapped by their inability to get along with others, patiently work for 30 hours a week at a job they may or may not enjoy, or educate themselves into prosperity for their own sake and for those around them.
Those 'takers' have joined with a near-permanent ruling class of oligarchs who perpetuate the outsized growth of our Federal government, sucking the lifeblood of weakening states and giving less and less milk to those that feed it.  This leviathan parasite must inevitably reduce its appetite to maintain itself or feed on, resulting in the death of its own sustenance.  States who dare to fight back are cut off from the cash flow.  Illustration? ObamaCare with its regulatory load.  Not only did Congress fail to 'find out what is in it' before they passed it, an utter dereliction of duty, but they've created a schizm between those who would have our society survive and those who refuse to address impending (albeit slow-mo immediacy) doom.  They're crafting such a fragile complex inflation bubble that any less interjection of Federal management can be labeled a financial Armageddon.

Dear Leader wants us to believe we must choose between cutting support from sick children or the needy children.  Hogwash.  @TheDemocrats believe there is a governmental burro and you can keep putting new programs and debts and requirements onto that ass...but although great, there is a weight limit and they seemed determined to find it.  Maybe its recklessness.  Maybe its an utter lack of understanding on how budgets and money work.  Maybe its an innate, anarchic, nihilistic desire to bring down what they feel is the "old style" American government to build up a new one in their own image.

Madame Déficit 2013

Madame Déficit 1792

Whatever the case, the Founders were concerned about this from the very start.  Their letters to each other, the Federalist Papers, the Constitution itself and the Bill of Rights are all evidence of this.  Militias? Yeah those were so states could take down a tyrannical central government if need be.

What is left after this tyrannical democracy is a minority who is always outvoted and outflanked.  Where we were sensitive to minorities in the past we now turn a blind eye.  Those hardworking souls who provide 30-50% of their work to the government and get nothing in return grow fewer as industries fail and government costs grow.  Where is their representation?
California offers a fine example of this tyrannical democracy...enacting a retroactive (for 3 years) tax on businesses.  It's simple theft by taking.
When will it stop? When the checks and cheese stop flowing and America is out of order.


10 January 2013

War In Heaven On Earth

Lucifer offered a solution. Guarantee no soul would be lost...merely give him the power and dominion over all the Earth and its inhabitants. He would make sure not a single soul was lost...by compelling Mankind to obey. Jehovah offered a different plan. Allow Mankind to make choices, learn & grow, overcome, live by faith, and learn to be obedient to God's Will. He even offered to pay the blood sacrifice the Law of Moses required, to fulfill it, so that Man might not be punished with death but could be resurrected smarter and wiser for having lived an Earthly existence. And some would be lost.
We face a theocratic divide in our country now. Culture War? UnCivil War? Whatever you call it, there are two philosophies that dominate: those who believe in freedom and limited government and those who want slavery and tyranny. The Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to build a Constitution that would limit the Executive; they had had enough of kings. I once wondered how 1/3 of the heavenly hosts could be swayed to follow a diabolical plan but looking at our government leaders and those who believe in that unrighteous dominion, it becomes easier. Our culture of dependency is perpetuated by a fatalist mentality...remember eat, drink & be merry for tomorrow we die of Isaiah 22? If you look at the short-term policies of Liberal politicians and the 'I want it now' mentality of their core constituency, it's no wonder that there is no planning for the next generation, paying down of debt or talk of 'in the long run.' There is no sacrifice (of yours) too great or too small to keep them in the style they've become accustomed. I believe in charity...the giving of one's time and talents freely where possible and needed. Liberals believe in confiscation...and even if it is for the same worthy cause, they're taking...and as any kindergartner will tell you...that's not nice. These selfish brats are ruining the best country ever made...a fall from grace. I'm going to hold on to the iron rod as long as I can.