23 March 2013

Taxation Without Representation

In a turnabout that took a couple-a-hundred years, our America has returned to its roots...to age enough to become the King George it once fought against.  Our tax code provides that there are many who pay no effective tax...nay...they receive from the coffers because it is what's "fair" by the posse.

I am not talking about those poor destitute souls who have washed ashore in unparalleled tragic consequence, with no means or ability to care for themselves, with no family or church to assist, with no neighbor.  No, I mean the new definition of welfare state.  Those deemed handicapped by their inability to get along with others, patiently work for 30 hours a week at a job they may or may not enjoy, or educate themselves into prosperity for their own sake and for those around them.
Those 'takers' have joined with a near-permanent ruling class of oligarchs who perpetuate the outsized growth of our Federal government, sucking the lifeblood of weakening states and giving less and less milk to those that feed it.  This leviathan parasite must inevitably reduce its appetite to maintain itself or feed on, resulting in the death of its own sustenance.  States who dare to fight back are cut off from the cash flow.  Illustration? ObamaCare with its regulatory load.  Not only did Congress fail to 'find out what is in it' before they passed it, an utter dereliction of duty, but they've created a schizm between those who would have our society survive and those who refuse to address impending (albeit slow-mo immediacy) doom.  They're crafting such a fragile complex inflation bubble that any less interjection of Federal management can be labeled a financial Armageddon.

Dear Leader wants us to believe we must choose between cutting support from sick children or the needy children.  Hogwash.  @TheDemocrats believe there is a governmental burro and you can keep putting new programs and debts and requirements onto that ass...but although great, there is a weight limit and they seemed determined to find it.  Maybe its recklessness.  Maybe its an utter lack of understanding on how budgets and money work.  Maybe its an innate, anarchic, nihilistic desire to bring down what they feel is the "old style" American government to build up a new one in their own image.

Madame Déficit 2013

Madame Déficit 1792

Whatever the case, the Founders were concerned about this from the very start.  Their letters to each other, the Federalist Papers, the Constitution itself and the Bill of Rights are all evidence of this.  Militias? Yeah those were so states could take down a tyrannical central government if need be.

What is left after this tyrannical democracy is a minority who is always outvoted and outflanked.  Where we were sensitive to minorities in the past we now turn a blind eye.  Those hardworking souls who provide 30-50% of their work to the government and get nothing in return grow fewer as industries fail and government costs grow.  Where is their representation?
California offers a fine example of this tyrannical democracy...enacting a retroactive (for 3 years) tax on businesses.  It's simple theft by taking.
When will it stop? When the checks and cheese stop flowing and America is out of order.