29 July 2013

My First Repost...Worthy Read from Tom O'Halloran's site

You’re white, you’re guilty, you’re dead! (via Tom O'Halloran)

(Editor’s note: Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse. WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by…

09 July 2013

Baconation Bacchanalia

I love Mark Levin...he is so informed; so intelligent...and simply, the man makes sense and I feel that I get to commiserate a little when he vents.  One evening this week he chided a misguided segment of the GOP 'conservatives' who are falling into eddies of religious fundamentalism instead sticking to core principles of freedom and Constitutionalism.  But his comments got me to thinking about something in a way I hadn't really considered before.
When we talk about illegal immigration, it's often in the context and vacuum of what is right and wrong about the system.  We rarely blame those people for crossing the border to find a better life for themselves and their families because...well...you can expect people will do what's in their self interest.  One meme I fall back on is ... if you don't want ants, you don't leave out sugar and water.  The gifts of milk and honey available from our freehearted feds attract everyone in need (or want.)  If we cut off the milk supply and make it less attractive to cross the border simply to get on benefits, then the problem resolves itself, right?
While this may or may not be the best solution for illegal immigration...perhaps it would an effective way to defend from a much greater threat to our nations well-being.

You may or may not have seen the series "V" from the 80's.  Basically an alien invasion story that eventually  ends when Earth-folk figure out how to make a substance that is poison to the invaders but harmless to humans.  I guess it was a riff off the old "War of the Worlds" common cold thing.

But that's exactly what we need to do.  Make our lands so unpalatable to primitives that they don't want to touch the unclean...for what good are spoiled spoils, right?  That's what they want, right...our stuff?

Let me explain.

I notice that Applebee's appears to be free from terrorist attacks.  Among other things, Applebee's makes use of a LOT of bacon in their recipes...to the point where you get bacon on stuff you'd never expect.  But, hey, if it saves one life...

We also need more nudie billboards, more commerce & banking, no acceptance of hijabs on driver licenses, etc.  They can choose to suck a camel or they can come here and adapt to the modern world.

London's street attacks were heinous.  It is clear the ack-bar Mo's are ready to fight and die on principle.  Britons have made accommodations for the foreigners who nearly outnumber them now.  It's a war between barbarians with knives and disarmed civilians.

I applaud the midwestern company that is making bacon-coasted bullets to ensure violent jihadis go to hell.  Go directly to hell.

08 July 2013

Car In The Ditch..But The Haywagon Will Carry Democrats To Town

On 7/1/2013 on @TheHermanCain show, a caller was explaining to @EWerickson that if you add all the 0bot votes to all those who are dependent on the Machine of federal government, they've captured a majority of votes in this country. Between the drumbeat of mob-think and the refusal of elected leaders to enforce laws passed by the People we are truly losing our Republic. Erick seemed to shrug off the caller by saying that we don't need to do anything...that @TheDemocrats terrible policies will cave in on themselves and people will be looking for an alternative. I strongly disagree. The Left has managed to take control of the messaging and any failure by this administration will be painted as Republican sabotage.
I also believe that when Obama's base starts being affected by the grossly negligent policies, @TheDemocrats swoop in and 'save the day' by exempting the low-info leeches and those that have cronied up to Obama. It's protection money, fleeced from the middle class. The underclass is then told THEY are the middle class. We must take control of the local schools, become active in local politics, and educate others where they will hear.