04 October 2015

The Three R's of the Democrats

I have faith in America's youth.  I do.  I stand by that.  I was once a youth and I know how much my life has been shaped and changed since I was young, dumb and full of ... vim & vigor.  And I have been operating under the premise that the millenials, given time, would see that what these Socialist-Progressive-Democrat-Communards are serving simply doesn't work.  Kind of like going abroad and realizing that America is actually a great place to live.  Just ask Canadians or Australians about gun rights or free speech.  These are our global contemporaries...and they may poo-poo much of what we do or think we're looking down our noses (and truly, our media makes their case frequently) at them...but underneath it all...they know that the United States has been a stabilizing influence in the world for the last century. There wouldn't be a British Commonwealth any more without us.
So here we are in Ameritopia. I shell of her former self.  A shambles.  Obama has destroyed our military, our economy, our healthcare, our trust in government and each other.  He didn't do this alone.  We can see the puzzle pieces that slid into place in this new, re-cut jigsaw...it's by design.
And I can look out and survey, as a child of the Cold War, how (D)evastated we are on the world stage and at home.  The (D)egrowthers have (D)emolished the powerhouse machinery of the Industrial Revolution that improved billions of lives.  Their nihilistic wet dreams of a man-free planet coincide with a cabal of stoneagers who refuse to join the new age of enlightenment...whose anachronistic patriarchy has been supplanted by equality in the Western culture they assault.  This unlikely coalition will kill us all if we don't stop them now.
But I digress.
The disturbing trend I see emerging in the wake of the Oregon annihilator's gun rampage is of a millenial generation that accepts as gospel the pap of POTUS.  They religiously believe that his word is gospel and that despite their last decade hiding behind the birkenstocks of academia are emerging into this world of work with a damaged sense of self and the world around them.  This is a generation that cannot seem to distinguish as easily the difference between veritas and virtual, between real and rhetorical, between deadly and doxing.  Instead of seeing this (D)angerous world for what it is, they are retreating to the (D)ogma they were taught in school.
They truly believe there are jobs and opportunity and a great green world and that they're somehow being SHUT OUT OF IT.  They are (D)eciding that they are in their current state (jobless, living with mom & dad, unable to achieve what they have been told) because of

  • racism
  • the rich
  • the Republicans
With the three R's, Democrats are attempting to nullify their failures with lies & hyperbole.  Do not believe the meme that the left is in disarray.  It's a trope designed to disarm us.
Look at the body count of the Clintons. They are typical Democrats.  Now look at Socialist Sanders whose powerful popularity is appealing to millions of millenials.  He's happy to be supported by mega-wealthy industrialists who are scooping up natural resources on the cheap after the existing owners have been regulated to death.  Prima facie case that this guy is a complete puppet and yet the lies are filling the seats to his speeches.
Bernie on the Left is pretty much the answer to Donald on the Right.  This is a non-traditional, outspoken candidate and people are just so sick of the status quo broken Washington they're willing to throw out the baby, the bathwater, the tub, and burn the bathroom then the rest of the house.
I get it...anger is a powerful motivator.  People are hurting.  And I believe that having Trump in the race as been an EXCELLENT foil for the rest of the candidates.  It has forced them to prove their conservative chops.  It has required them to defend their positions.
But we don't have that much diversity on the Left.  They've got two contenders (according to polls) and really unless someone like Biden injects himself at the last minute, the choices are bad.
But here's the thing.  Look at Debbie Whats-her-face Schlitz' refusal to acknowledge there is anyone else running.  Bernie is not pulling Hillary to the left, he's making her look more centrist.  And that's NOT working out well for her as they'd planned.  This pied piper is promising utopia and millenials are buying his snake oil.

I am a Constitutionalist...and Cruz is my favorite...and there is time for things to shake out, but not a whole lot.  We're going to start seeing some states going to polls before you know it.  To survive, we have to figure out how to appeal to this new generation who have never experienced "hard work = rewards" because no matter what they do (good, bad, or indifferent) the opportunity, the advancement & the promise of something better just don't materialize.  And here's what we're faced with...a new generation who is not going to have a problem "making time for family" because they have been trained to punch in and punch out.  They don't invest in work emotionally...they don't engage out of self-protection.  They don't see the value of a robust economy and the choices it brings...because they haven't experienced it.

We must win.
This administration and its partners, the first empowering then cowering Congress, & a royalist SCOTUS, have fundamentally transformed our country. This wrecking ball President has leveled the playing field alright.  Here we stand on a razed lot with bricks, sticks and a lopsided ball from a bygone era.  Do we have the steam to unwind the biggest man-caused disaster in modern American history?  Look at our place in the world...it's as he designed it...America no bigger or better than any other... For someone who seemed to hate Great Britain so much for their imperial approach, Obama single-handedly (D)estabilized dozens of governments, (D)efanged our military and is well on the way of bringing an unwelcome (D)himmitude to a populace accustomed to freedom, not fearing.

So I ask you...beg you...help me overturn this unamerican ideal that the Left is pushing.  Reach out to the youth and explain what choice feels like; how wonderful it will be when the economy is back on track and people can decide for themselves what jobs is a good fit rather than slaving at something that sucks your soul.  Empower them with the knowledge that we've lived through this and know how to fix it.  And encourage our candidates on the Right to talk about the economy and how brutal the reign of King Mystery has been for the inner city, for education....where the safety net has become a snare.

God Bless Us All.  I'm off to read Mark Levin's latest book that is geared toward this generation.  If it's the tome I think it is, I'll be buying many, many copies to distribute for the holiday.s

01 August 2015

Not New News - We Live In A Post-Constitutional America

History - YouTube People thought it was crazy. Anonymous cut it together from various sources. Are we headed for pure anarchy or can we save the Constitution and the United States from the maw of chaos?

31 July 2015

BACFA Annual Fall TV Preview Part One (ABC, CBS, FOX)

One again I am going to take a hard look at the upcoming fare from the entertainment hose before I drink from it.  I encourage you to dig in before letting kids, or unknowing adults, become polluted with Leftist ideas they'd come to view as normal.  Last year I went down this trail and couldn't get beyond the puke offerings on ABC.  I will try to do better this time.  And before we begin, let me say I'm a fan of Lynda Carter's "Wonder Woman" and the new Marvel universe, remember when "Man From Atlantis" was pre-empted by Watergate coverage, saw the Cure at Lakewood in the fog and think Mr. Robot, while wildly inappropriate for children, is a fantastically gritty cyberpunk show that reminds me how cool working in the computer field is...even when non-technical people have no idea what you do. Despite this I am extremely anti-pharma, pro Constitution, conservative & am disappointed with the political party (singular) our country has.  It's from that mental place I review the entertainment upstream.

Let's start again with the House of Mouse, ABC.  For context, let's remember that this group is responsible for thoroughly hijacking The Family Channel into something that could be from a hellish looking-glass dimension.  When "Modern Family" and "Scandal" are the power players, we may have to send up extra prayers.

Without further ado:

"Of Kings And Prophets" -- In a feeble attempt to reclaim the eyes of those offended by most of the tripe on ABC, the programmers have turned to the Bible for inspiration...or so it seems.  The trailer for this new series should let you see up-front that the Bible merely provides a sketchy backdrop.  What appears to be a liberal blaspheming of 1 & 2 Samuel will be littered with skin, seduction, gory war & intrigue.  Hint...the people who are interested in the Bible already know the real story and how it all works out.  I wish I could give ABC credit for trying to appeal to the religious majority in America...but the pander is clearly going for a Game Of Thrones crowd, just instead of co-opting European history, we're going to mine the Old Testament & remix it.  Decision?
Going to skip it.

"The Muppets" -- Considered a premiere family-friendly show in the 70's, this update bring the time-worn characters into a modern setting that looks strangely like the American version of "The Office."  I found it a bit hilarious how Miss Piggy seems to have gained weight and looks like an aging Jennifer Anniston...the promise of the show is to feature even the most sidelined characters. I spotted a few favorites but I wonder if we will actually get to see the "Bork Bork Bork" of Swedish Chef or if this is going to wind up being some "30 Rock" with puppets.  Despite it's attempt to skewer the politically correct and/or reinforce it, because of childhood-embedded fondness...Decision? I'm going to ignore that Gonzo means something different now.
Going to try it.

"The Real O'Neals" -- I decided to look at this one because I liked Martha Plimpton in another comedy. She seems to reprise the same role, however. It appears that this show will feature 'how our family escaped our oppressive conservative values into happiness.'  It is a very sad attack directed at Catholics and Irish Americans and will be another in a long line of gay-themed shows.  You see, ABC doesn't believe that conservative family culture is worth preserving when there are so many other values they'd rather promote.  I predict someone will go to hell for writing the script.
Going to skip it.and pray for Disney employees' souls.

Couldn't be less interested in "Blood & Oil," "Wicked City," "Dr. Ken," or "The Catch."  Derivative filler; pedantic.

"Uncle Buck" -- Yeah...from the folks who thought "Blackish" was not racist comes another honky-tooter. Steal a John Candy storyline and colorize it. How insulting a phone-in is that?  Another way for ABC to check off it's diversity percentage list, diss conservative culture and the 80's as too white, and have fun talking about the good old 70's when ludes were king and men were kids.  Decision?
This low-brow baby should have been aborted... skip it.

"Quantico" -- We get our adult theme right out of the gate as the empowered femme fatale has a casual encounter with a stranger. Some familiar faces and some fresh ones in this diversity-driven drama (the pilot features the pantheon of archetypes.)  Falsely accused of terrorism a new federal agent with an accent must prove her innocence..doesn't know who to trust... Oh wait, it's a less-white copy of Covert Affairs shot in a higher-speed film and with an act of terrorism as the backdrop. Look, I lived 9/11...I want my entertainment to be about something else.
Going to skip it since I have enough real drama watching RepubliCrats spend our future CSPAN.

"Angel From Hell" -- Not your grandmother's "Touched By An Angel" ... no we get Glee's gym teacher Jane Lynch as a degenerate guardian 'angel' bent on steering her charge into...what? This is the basis of a sitcom? Yuck. Custom cut for saggy-titty hippies who now find themselves alone & ready to meddle with the aimless generation because they have no life due to their youthful choices. My choice?
No chance in hell. skip it

Code Black (yet another medical drama...how long since ER now..St. Elsewhere?), Not even gonna

"Life In Pieces" -- Okay, I guess when you're the Aging Eye network it must make sense to launch a Dianne Wiest / James Brolin dramedy about losing youth.  As for me and my house...we're going to live our own life moments...not this invented dookie. Do not go quietly into the dark...  skip it

"Limitless" -- A seriously pro-drug feature for the first generation of Viagra users. This serialized version inspired by the movie seems to say 'take good drugs...they'll make you beautiful, young, powerful & Alzheimer's-free.' As a sci-fi / tech fan, it smells to me like this show wants us to 'relax into it' whatever it is 'it' is.  I'm curious to see just how far this thinly-veiled pro-drug plot will go so I will probably try it.  Maybe there's a cautionary tale or some redemption involved.

"Supergirl" -- Even more than "Limitless" I was surprised to hear that DC Comics had released Supergirl to the big Eye network, especially as it seems "The Flash" (which I really like) and "Arrow" (which I got bored with) are doing fairly well on the CW. So what does it seem that Superman's cousin is doing on an old-people network? Ah... I see. I will try it because in the lengthy trailer I feel hope that America remembers why these childhood icons worked before.  Yes, there is some girl-power angst thrown in there...some misunderstood illegal alien undertone peppering...and we get a black Jimmy er, no apparently that's not respectful enough, JIM Olsen instead of a ginger for Kara to moon over.  Despite the fresh coat of paint, I think this is going to be a big hit...and DC has an opportunity to bring back the good guys if they'll just take on Marvel. I'm a lot disappointed that the trailer makes it seem that the show will be Superman with replacement characters...Kara needed her own story.  Calista Flockhart as liberal "Devil Wears Prada" skeleton still seems to be worse than stogie-fan Perry White, who is black in the latest Superman incarnation too.  Political Correctness may kill "Supergirl." I can't imagine we'll hear 'Truth, Justice & the American Way' since those words no longer have meaning.

Increasingly poisoned by the left, Fox challenges the sensibilities with the following:

"Bordertown" -- Wow. The reason that "The Daily Show" et al cannot sell ads any more is because it's hard to laugh about the unemployment rate when you're hungry & watching "The Daily Show" on someone else's couch.  It's from this place that "Bordertown" springs. Freshly pooed from the mind that gave you "Family Guy" Seth MacFarlane figures he can insult everyone at once and get a gold star. He's probably not wrong. But I'm not giving this thing a chance.  Nothing is more hilarious that deportation follies? Skip It

"The Frankenstein Code" -- This looks promising. We get a cop / mystery blended with some tampering with nature...with little downside apparently.  The story looks pretty familiar...second chances, super abilities, justice served, wrongs made right...etc. I don't hate seeing good triumph over evil...hard choices, etc.  I hope they stay noble with the story.  I will try it.

"Grandfathered" -- no John Stamos.  Like Celine Dion, that's an immediate channel changer.  "The Grinder" -- unappreciated professional deals with better-looking, more-successful brother. Who needs angst like that?

"Lucifer" -- Well, let's get right to it then. A guyliner-wearing Brit with the immortal charm to elicit humanity's darkest desire lands in the City of Angels after giving up his king-of-Hell routine.  From the brain of Jerry Bruckheimer, this "Supernatural" wannabe spins up a tale where Lucifer Morningstar helps solve crime in Los Angeles. Breathtaking.  I almost don't know what to think.  This is such a hellishly bad idea that it just might work.  I think the real danger or maybe the real lesson here is that yes, the Big Bad is slick and seductive and everything we pay Hollywood to whore out for us. I wish they hadn't canceled Constantine. So.... I just don't know...so I will try it.

"Minority Report" -- Pre-crime, thought-crime, destiny. Spielberg's reworking of Phillip K. Dick gets another revision.  This is just the type of storyline we need right now.  Millennials will watch it because it's cool and futuristic; us older folks will watch it because it's silver-age sci-fi that asks pertinent questions about the nature of man, free will and police states.  Can't wait to watch it.

03 May 2015

It's The Last Midnight

Having recently seen the film for the long-running stage musical "Into The Woods" has influenced me to begin placing some of the child actors in American politics in their proper fairy tale environs.  For those who do not know, "Into The Woods" is a bawdy but brilliant Sondheim musical that combines several Grimm tales into a farce...but where everyone gets what they wish for in the end... of the First Act.  But unlike most fairy tales, it pushes deeper into, 'and then what happened.'  And what we find is that once you've peaked...and the thrill is gone, despite getting your hearts one true desire, you can be *shock* unhappy.
What a microcosm of American polictics' landscape today! We have those who believe they are royals strutting around the woods deciding and declaring for everyone else.  We have wolves lurking out of the shadows seeking to devour Grannie's basket of edibles.  We have hapless (buyer's remorse) Riding Hood's who are lured from the straight and narrow out of curiosity to experiment with the unknown without regard to the consequences.  We have Cinderellas who, newly empowered with money and without any experience but the drudgery of her existence, flit about without any idea how to be anything other than an object or a pawn until caught like a fly in pitch poured on the castle stairs.
And the list goes on.
But the key character in the whole play is the witch.  Railing against wrongs done long ago, and still angry, she lashes out and manipulates...she curses and undermines...she's selfish and insecure, yet powerful...vindictive.  And without spoiling the story, let's just say that no matter how terrible, eventually justice catches up with everyone...and there is massive disaster...and casualties.
The dangerous game Obama and his minions play is for keeps.  We are witnessing the fall of a great empire.  We never thought we'd live to see the moonshot; then the fall of the USSR and Berlin wall; now the unraveling of America from within.  Liberals have installed their own in the Universities, every layer of government, insidiously cross-aisle in the Congress...they are creating unrest and distractions; they are seizing ever more unConstitutional power.  The Supreme Court ruled Obama's "recess appointments" invalid...yet what happened? he simply disregarded them.
The Republicans have had control of both houses of Congress for 5 months after a repudiation vote that took the reigns out of the hands of the Democrats...yet where are the impeachments?  There should be count after count; impeachment after impeachment...the Administration doesn't even hide its actions any more; in fact they are rushing out all the dirt right now in order to get light punishments before they lose control back to the GOP in 2016.  The evidence is clear and plain.  It's time for some comeuppance.  We have the means; what signal does it send to the country...to the rest of the world...that America is no longer about Justice and Mercy but about mob violencerigging the system with fraud?  Will this not invite all sorts of line-cutters, cheap labor, & bad actors to cross our borders to consume resources and incite violence from within the newly formed factions?  It took a white President to free the slaves...it took a black one to put us back into Civil War over it.  Doing military exercises and flexing military muscles (that are supposed to be aimed at our enemies abroad) over a "mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" populace is as inciteful as one can be.
It's time to find our footing and take back America.