03 May 2015

It's The Last Midnight

Having recently seen the film for the long-running stage musical "Into The Woods" has influenced me to begin placing some of the child actors in American politics in their proper fairy tale environs.  For those who do not know, "Into The Woods" is a bawdy but brilliant Sondheim musical that combines several Grimm tales into a farce...but where everyone gets what they wish for in the end... of the First Act.  But unlike most fairy tales, it pushes deeper into, 'and then what happened.'  And what we find is that once you've peaked...and the thrill is gone, despite getting your hearts one true desire, you can be *shock* unhappy.
What a microcosm of American polictics' landscape today! We have those who believe they are royals strutting around the woods deciding and declaring for everyone else.  We have wolves lurking out of the shadows seeking to devour Grannie's basket of edibles.  We have hapless (buyer's remorse) Riding Hood's who are lured from the straight and narrow out of curiosity to experiment with the unknown without regard to the consequences.  We have Cinderellas who, newly empowered with money and without any experience but the drudgery of her existence, flit about without any idea how to be anything other than an object or a pawn until caught like a fly in pitch poured on the castle stairs.
And the list goes on.
But the key character in the whole play is the witch.  Railing against wrongs done long ago, and still angry, she lashes out and manipulates...she curses and undermines...she's selfish and insecure, yet powerful...vindictive.  And without spoiling the story, let's just say that no matter how terrible, eventually justice catches up with everyone...and there is massive disaster...and casualties.
The dangerous game Obama and his minions play is for keeps.  We are witnessing the fall of a great empire.  We never thought we'd live to see the moonshot; then the fall of the USSR and Berlin wall; now the unraveling of America from within.  Liberals have installed their own in the Universities, every layer of government, insidiously cross-aisle in the Congress...they are creating unrest and distractions; they are seizing ever more unConstitutional power.  The Supreme Court ruled Obama's "recess appointments" invalid...yet what happened? he simply disregarded them.
The Republicans have had control of both houses of Congress for 5 months after a repudiation vote that took the reigns out of the hands of the Democrats...yet where are the impeachments?  There should be count after count; impeachment after impeachment...the Administration doesn't even hide its actions any more; in fact they are rushing out all the dirt right now in order to get light punishments before they lose control back to the GOP in 2016.  The evidence is clear and plain.  It's time for some comeuppance.  We have the means; what signal does it send to the country...to the rest of the world...that America is no longer about Justice and Mercy but about mob violencerigging the system with fraud?  Will this not invite all sorts of line-cutters, cheap labor, & bad actors to cross our borders to consume resources and incite violence from within the newly formed factions?  It took a white President to free the slaves...it took a black one to put us back into Civil War over it.  Doing military exercises and flexing military muscles (that are supposed to be aimed at our enemies abroad) over a "mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" populace is as inciteful as one can be.
It's time to find our footing and take back America.