10 January 2013

War In Heaven On Earth

Lucifer offered a solution. Guarantee no soul would be lost...merely give him the power and dominion over all the Earth and its inhabitants. He would make sure not a single soul was lost...by compelling Mankind to obey. Jehovah offered a different plan. Allow Mankind to make choices, learn & grow, overcome, live by faith, and learn to be obedient to God's Will. He even offered to pay the blood sacrifice the Law of Moses required, to fulfill it, so that Man might not be punished with death but could be resurrected smarter and wiser for having lived an Earthly existence. And some would be lost.
We face a theocratic divide in our country now. Culture War? UnCivil War? Whatever you call it, there are two philosophies that dominate: those who believe in freedom and limited government and those who want slavery and tyranny. The Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to build a Constitution that would limit the Executive; they had had enough of kings. I once wondered how 1/3 of the heavenly hosts could be swayed to follow a diabolical plan but looking at our government leaders and those who believe in that unrighteous dominion, it becomes easier. Our culture of dependency is perpetuated by a fatalist mentality...remember eat, drink & be merry for tomorrow we die of Isaiah 22? If you look at the short-term policies of Liberal politicians and the 'I want it now' mentality of their core constituency, it's no wonder that there is no planning for the next generation, paying down of debt or talk of 'in the long run.' There is no sacrifice (of yours) too great or too small to keep them in the style they've become accustomed. I believe in charity...the giving of one's time and talents freely where possible and needed. Liberals believe in confiscation...and even if it is for the same worthy cause, they're taking...and as any kindergartner will tell you...that's not nice. These selfish brats are ruining the best country ever made...a fall from grace. I'm going to hold on to the iron rod as long as I can.