30 April 2010

Multimedia message

TanQuake followup to Boobquake

29 April 2010

"The Sandralee": 45 Communist Goals

Didn't somebody say they'd bring us down from within?
"The Sandralee": 45 Communist Goals

24 April 2010

Sugar Tax in NY offsets healthcare costs for obesity?

What other behaviors might be curbed to offset ObamaCare costs?

  • Eliminate wasteful spending on unnecessary expenditures: 
    • preventive reproductive health for anyone over 40 banned except for sterilization
    • no more expensive dental and dermatological procedures...elective medicine redacted from government  coverage

  • Sex Tax - raise taxes on all sex-related gear except condoms and sterilization procedures...the racier, the higher the tax...bondage bonus tax...particularly high rate for dangerous sex toys... a commission will need to be formed to evaluate this
  • Poo Tax - make all toilets require quarters
  • Door Tax - make all doors require pennies to open
  • Food Tax - raise taxes on carbohydrates and fat, encouraging consumption of healthy vegetables; no tax on animals you grow, slaughter and eat yourself
  • Interstate Tax - raise taxes on the federal highway system...every vehicle over 4 wheels must pay a tax; this will encourage folks to grow food locally; manufacture locally; etc.
  • AIDS Tax - gay marriage license requires forfeiture of all worldly goods to pay for long-term medical care if either partner gets HIV
  • Cat & Dog Tax - Untethered animals may be rounded up and used to feed the homeless within any city limits
  • Freedom Tax - For those who decide to throw up their hands and mooch off the state they get free room and board by moving into currently abandoned military bases which will be activated to provide food, clothing, shelter.  Some communal service will be required to cook and clean for the compound.  May leave when ready to work again.
  • Poll Tax - You must present your income tax payment receipt from the prior tax year before being permitted to vote.  Deposit slips from refunds are not accepted.
Of course I'm kidding...right?  Never in America.

23 April 2010

Multimedia message

Deodorant has been linked to breast and other cancers (aluminum). Will we stink like French under ObamaCare.

Obama's Fiscal Backwardness

While everyone was squealing about the VAT discussion this week, I was taken aback by a small comment found in the CNBC interview with the President.  His comment reveals that there is indeed no limit to the size and scope of what the federal government should do under Obama.
If I go to purchase a home, I have to figure out what I can afford and balance that with what my family needs.  What the government is doing is building a house without a floorplan...adding room after room without any constraint to how big or how expensive the house should be.
What we should be doing is determining what we need and can afford, then setting taxes to pay for those services...not the other way 'round.

...you know, we have a baseline of the core services that we need and the government should provide. And then we decide how do we pay for that....

Slick Willy slanders Tea Party as Obama shill

I've been thinking a funny idea for a web site would be: Things The Blue Dress Saw

Boobquake against Iran on Monday

Please encourage public displays of cleavage on Monday in order to disrupt Iran's nuclear ambitions.  Containment is difficult with all that shaking around.  Leaders in Iran have already notified the masses to leave the quake area due to various states of undress.

Western jigglyhad underway.

Thin is in

You can eat shit and still lose weight...as long as you don't eat your own shit.  ObamaCare will surely lock on to this procedure as a way to reduce obesity in America.

Boston Tea is for Terror? Mudslinging Leftists

God and Guns forever.

Urban vs. SubUrban

It seems to me that the Tea Party and ACORN illustrate an evolving divide between the philosophies of the urban dwellers and those who live outside metro areas.  When folks are accustomed to living in large cities, they must learn to adapt to more communal living than those who reside in places with more elbow room.  This sense of community can be quite strong...an extended family almost...and when this way of life is threatened, even rhetorically, city dwellers get very defensive.
But folks tend to live in areas where they feel safe and where they fit in.  When folks hear 'spread the wealth around' they either hear 'get stuff for free' or 'tax me more.'  If you believe that society owes you something you'll hear the former.
Why is it that urbanites lean Left while the rest of us are more conservative.  I believe it's because the liberal mindset promotes interdependence while conservative views promote independence.  With this is mind, personal responsibility falls right and the blame game falls left.
I feel like the liberal mindset is childish...the product of too much mental circle-jerking on campuses.  The real world requires one to learn how to take care of oneself.  We get nanny state 'stability from the Left or free market competition and uncertainty from the future.  Americans should have the ability to pursue opportunity in the face of uncertainty.  Og said attitude determines altitude, right?  But you can have upward mobility without propulsion in the first place.
Stagflation is on our doorstep.  The voodoo economics we thought were buried in the 80's have been awoken with the Obama zombies.
The scary thing about the Opacalypse is that as the economy capsizes, the folks who will drown first will be those who have no idea how to take care of themselves.  The best thing we can do for ourselves is to be self-sufficient, armed, stocked-up, wood-chopped and ready to enter the new frontier after the waters recede from the ark.

Sharia is unsanitary

The British Health Service is having a real hard time dealing with Muslim employees who think its okay to spread germs from patient to patient...I mean, the patients are all infidels anyway right?  We can NOT let this infect the American health industry.  If folks cannot meet the requirements of a job, then they can find another one.  If it is more important for you to attend church on Sunday than to take a job where you'll be required to work, then move along...right?  So why would serious accommodation be made for someone who won't wash up when working with sick patients.
This is not the Dark Age.  Right?

Apparently ObamaCare is derogatory?

I have to agree with this blogger.  Jon Stewart's voice is getting squeakier as his formerly cerebral humor unwinds.  I don't know if it's because Colbert shot comet-like into superstardom (grin) or if he's just coming unhinged all on his own.
As spokesmodel for the Left (check his ratings) he personifies the wannabe, please-love-me-like-Obama, "me too" mentality that we so often see in the urban elitist periphery.  But like any onion, once you peel it all away there's nothing at the core...through all the tears.  Then your hands stink.

22 April 2010

FutureFears: more taxes

Nobody cares about this...yet.  If folks don't get some jobs, taxes won't matter.  There is just so much blood in the turnip and right now...it's dripping dry.

Tea Party Rage...or not

The biggest problem we have is having our voices co-opted by others or having the conversation run down by those who assume they know what's in our hearts and minds.
The peaceful Tea Party demonstrations are very difficult for agitators to demagog and as long as we police ourselves and those who would disrupt, our voices are strong.  By waving off the endorsement process and instead getting pol's to commit to fiscal conservatism, we control the conversation.  If a pol will not commit to the ideals of a smaller federal government, to the defense of our Constitution, to the protection of choice and liberty...then it really doesn't matter what stripe or color they carry.

17 April 2010

Multimedia message

Anti RINO anger created existing Congress...now manifests as Tea Party.  Will clean House in November.  

14 April 2010

It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.
Samuel Adams 

The Fed is like Oz

It seems to me that we don't ask enough questions about how the Fed is operating.  There is really no transparency regarding how decisions are made...but the markets wait breathlessly to interpret every syllable that proceedeth forth.  Billions are manipulated by this single component of our economy, yet it is shielded from public view.
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, he's no oracle.

11 April 2010

On the observation of a grocery cart: why don't EBT cards prohibit purchase of junk food, candy, and soda? Bar codes for these items should be limited to non EBT payment methods...just like alcohol and cigs. Right?