12 May 2011

La Raza and Black Liberation Theology: cut from the same Reparationist cloth

Anti-white sentiment is getting a boost. La Raza (The Race) a Hispanic hate group, showed their ass last week at a Tuscon school board meeting when discussion about the curriculum of Ethnic Studies was scheduled.  It seems that tone of the textbook used for this class are anti-American, anti-capitalism, and anti-gringo.  This has happened because theology has crept into the school system under the banner of 'culture.'
Now it would be a sweeping generalization and a bit bigoted for one to assume that people that look alike must think alike, right? But that's the very ideal offered here.  Anchor babies, now attending school, don't remember the harsh living conditions of their (absent) fathers and must be reminded by their elders to hate Americans, specifically European whites, who are the source of everything evil.  This pro-illegal 'older and wiser' group is militant and believe that the United States is occupying territory that was stolen from them generations ago...and it's time to take it back.
The Aztlan National Territory folks (ANTs) are very real...and they are educating with your tax dollars.
Students chain themselves to desks to protest school board meeting.
Imagine Chicago curriculum, taught by New Black Panthers, to train up the next generation of actiFists.  Wait, is that happening? Nevermind.
Imagine Boston curriculum, taught by IRA, to hate England...paid with your tax money. Imagine an Atlanta curriculum, taught by KKK, to teach white power...paid with your tax money.
It's outrageous.
Have a look at Who Is Mecha? if you are unfamiliar with the aggressive war against American in the southwest US.  An open borders policy is an invitation to for occupation.
Harry Reid today stated that an uprising is needed to solve the illegal immigration problem.  Really? How about we close down the Illegal Superhighway.
When residents are killed off and the rest are run out, who'll be left as the majority...with voting rights?  Southwesterners have become accustomed to illegals hiding out in empty houses (thank Barney Fwank) as they make their way north.  Guns, drugs, gangs...they are living it every day while Obama pontificates about the security of a border with no fence.
The best way to keep ants out of your picnic is to not give them anything to eat or drink.  We need quit handing out the free ride, free food, free home, free healthcare, free education...while we have no idea who you are, where you're from, or whether you plan to sting me later.
At minimum, we should be enforcing immigration law, making naturalization orderly.  Otherwise we risk being overrun not only with the destitute seeking a better life, but with the crime lords and illegal trafficking too.  And it's such an obvious security problem in protecting ourselves from Al Qaeda.  But anyone who is pro-border (especially if they live near the border) is a racist, white supremacist and skinhead. (Check outFeathered Bastard if you don't believe me.)
Black Liberation Theologists need to understand that La Raza is militantly replacing them as the minority with power to become a supermajority in the United States.  While black single mothers benefit from generous abortion access, Latino women are often encouraged to have as many babies as possible, either by Catholic upbringing or male dominance or legal status needs.
Wake up America.
In which neighborhood would you sleep safer? One with a sign that says "An Unlocked Door Community" or "Protected By Smith & Wesson."
La Raza is showing up in states all over the country and has ties to big names you WILL recognize: Who is La Raza? HUMAN EVENTS
La Raza, inspired by the community Organizer and getting Citibank on board, is getting organized for elections/key Congressional votes: NCLR
Minnesota: Brown Berets
Chicano / MeCHA / reconquest: http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/editorials/2006-05-02-immigration-rhetoric_x.htm
What is the Republica del Nortehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reconquista_(Mexico)
Map and follow-up commentary speak volumes in this posting: http://www.diggersrealm.com/mt/archives/002365.html
A gang tied to organized crime in Mexico refers to themselves as La Raza as well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Raza_Nation
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10 May 2011

Where are the moderate Liberals?

Much hay has been made by the MSM to portray the Tea Party as extremist and rigidly ultra conservative. They tell us that only a moderate can win over the middle; that we must sit at the table and make deals with them; that we must give up our backwater, bitter clinger ways.
I reject this premise...only a true Conservative with character and ideals can pose a real threat to the current administration. Moderates will be painted as weak or indecisive or corrupt...allowing One to shine us on for another four destitute years.
But for those Liberals who insist that we modulate our tone, I want to point out many of our stances are less than or equal to the timbre of those of the left. What is the opposite of unchecked illegal immigration? What is the opposite of redefining marriage as a solely secular act, throwing out thousands of years of tradition. What is the opposite of godless humanists whose hedonism knows no bounds? What is the opposite of unrelenting overspending and big government run roughshod over rights?
That would be the rest of us. That's right Libs, the pit's pendulum swings back too.

09 May 2011

Conservatives are not prepared for Liberal evangelism...

Folks on the Conservative side of American politics typically reserve a corner of their hearts, if not all of it, for love of God (clinging bitterly to country and guns and Bible) and we are not prepared for the new humanist evangelicals emerging from the Left.
You see, we've been reviled so long as Bible-thumping hick creationists, that we weren't expecting Libs to come at us like a cult out of control.  But I invite you to have a look at this:
Liberal media has gone beyond boot-licking to something that approaches anti-Christian. Remember, that Libs typically come from an education background which encourages humanism (there is no god outside myself) and debauchery. There is a sad fatalism in their articles of faith:

  • man is destroying his habitat
  • the world would be better off without man
  • it would be better for everyone to have less in order for us to all have the same amount of stuff
  • govt. knows much better than we do how to spend money and take care of us

These all sound like a cry for help; a need for leadership, for blind faith in something bigger.
But they reject religion as an answer for this need.
This void is filled with One leader with the fervor of any tent revival.
As Conservatives, we must understand that time is short before we lose the ability to reverse course in Washington. We must acknowledge at least amongst ourselves that the fundamental Change that Obama represents is wrong. And we must not be afraid to address the soul-sucking building blocks on which their faith is based.
Our best friend is shining a light on those things which are still hidden and putting it in front of voters who are likely to vote for Obama again.  Post-it notes, handwritten signs on the side of the road...every little counts.

03 May 2011

In sex, must there always be a victim? Frigid, liberal women think so...

Bra-burners from the sixties, now saggy-tittied hippies who think Code Pink is about female empowerment, have produced a generation of state dependents.  Who does that benefit? I submit that the 'independent woman' is one who has control of her life and has a range of choices.  But in the western world, America has more single ladies than ever before.  What freedom for men! Casual sex, no commitments, and none of those pesky rugrats to tie you down.  He can have a woman on every block in the city.  Now THAT'S freedom. What? why is that a problem? Your progressive independence shouldn't allow you to feel jealous or possessive.  And what? you have to take down all these mental barriers and become vulnerable before you can cuddle up? That's not sex...that's some kind of love thing...men know better than to mess around with those complicated entanglements.
For the ladies though, they too sometimes get that natural urge to procreate, and when they do, they're told they can do it all, have it all.  But can she? And if not, who suffers.
Well, the sperm donor is long gone....but that's okay, she's told to repeat "I don't need a man."
And then there's the kid...can it be cared for properly or do we need a support system, like a nanny, a family member, a babysitter, or worst...a service.
It's a known fact that children who are not loved and handled in a nursery fail to thrive.
Rearing kids is a tough job when you have such support systems...but what happens when they're gone?  Well, there's always the State, and welfare.  And kids tend to follow parental example.  Rinse, repeat.
And then there's the lingering feeling that life owes you something?  Guess what ladies, you're in control...act like a grown up; close your legs until you choose to have a child. The world doesn't owe you anything.  You've got to make your own way.  Men aren't out to rape you; grope you...that's all in your victimhood training.  Aggression is being trained right out of males...the government school system is making sure of that.  You're right...they don't own you, or feel any responsibility to you.
So here's a thought...maybe when you get ready to settle down and lay off the chopped hair, angry chip-on-your-shoulder solidarity it will be too late to find a man who'll have you...who'll want to raise a child with your whacked-out belief system.  And maybe you are victimized every time you have sex; maybe it's not an act of violence on you...maybe you just aren't doing it right...you know, participating.

Those of us who are happily married for decades will be happy to train up the youth of tomorrow while you remain barren and alone.

Tired Black Man