10 May 2011

Where are the moderate Liberals?

Much hay has been made by the MSM to portray the Tea Party as extremist and rigidly ultra conservative. They tell us that only a moderate can win over the middle; that we must sit at the table and make deals with them; that we must give up our backwater, bitter clinger ways.
I reject this premise...only a true Conservative with character and ideals can pose a real threat to the current administration. Moderates will be painted as weak or indecisive or corrupt...allowing One to shine us on for another four destitute years.
But for those Liberals who insist that we modulate our tone, I want to point out many of our stances are less than or equal to the timbre of those of the left. What is the opposite of unchecked illegal immigration? What is the opposite of redefining marriage as a solely secular act, throwing out thousands of years of tradition. What is the opposite of godless humanists whose hedonism knows no bounds? What is the opposite of unrelenting overspending and big government run roughshod over rights?
That would be the rest of us. That's right Libs, the pit's pendulum swings back too.