03 May 2011

In sex, must there always be a victim? Frigid, liberal women think so...

Bra-burners from the sixties, now saggy-tittied hippies who think Code Pink is about female empowerment, have produced a generation of state dependents.  Who does that benefit? I submit that the 'independent woman' is one who has control of her life and has a range of choices.  But in the western world, America has more single ladies than ever before.  What freedom for men! Casual sex, no commitments, and none of those pesky rugrats to tie you down.  He can have a woman on every block in the city.  Now THAT'S freedom. What? why is that a problem? Your progressive independence shouldn't allow you to feel jealous or possessive.  And what? you have to take down all these mental barriers and become vulnerable before you can cuddle up? That's not sex...that's some kind of love thing...men know better than to mess around with those complicated entanglements.
For the ladies though, they too sometimes get that natural urge to procreate, and when they do, they're told they can do it all, have it all.  But can she? And if not, who suffers.
Well, the sperm donor is long gone....but that's okay, she's told to repeat "I don't need a man."
And then there's the kid...can it be cared for properly or do we need a support system, like a nanny, a family member, a babysitter, or worst...a service.
It's a known fact that children who are not loved and handled in a nursery fail to thrive.
Rearing kids is a tough job when you have such support systems...but what happens when they're gone?  Well, there's always the State, and welfare.  And kids tend to follow parental example.  Rinse, repeat.
And then there's the lingering feeling that life owes you something?  Guess what ladies, you're in control...act like a grown up; close your legs until you choose to have a child. The world doesn't owe you anything.  You've got to make your own way.  Men aren't out to rape you; grope you...that's all in your victimhood training.  Aggression is being trained right out of males...the government school system is making sure of that.  You're right...they don't own you, or feel any responsibility to you.
So here's a thought...maybe when you get ready to settle down and lay off the chopped hair, angry chip-on-your-shoulder solidarity it will be too late to find a man who'll have you...who'll want to raise a child with your whacked-out belief system.  And maybe you are victimized every time you have sex; maybe it's not an act of violence on you...maybe you just aren't doing it right...you know, participating.

Those of us who are happily married for decades will be happy to train up the youth of tomorrow while you remain barren and alone.

Tired Black Man