28 April 2011

We're here, not queer, get used to it..

In contemplating a blog entry for a piece like "Real men: where have all the cowboys gone?" I had planned a commentary on the rise of gay as a third gender, how that complicates equality movements by women and minorities, and how effeminized males have been made over the last 50 years. To tame the brute so they could not endanger the feminine sensibilities, it's been necessary to protect kids from sport, to demean competitive accomplishment, and to promote A-for-effort instead of true mastery.
I would submit that these principles counter natural selection and lower standards for all.
Attempting to be all things to all people only gives rise to mediocrity and disappointment. Our country cannot go down this way.
And in this vein of thought a golden distillation. Men by nature do not accept effeminate men...in fact they are repulsed, and this is natural. You see men are "born this way" too.
So militant minority San Francisco, hear this: I reject you, your lack of moral decency, your insistence that I must subjugate my will to yours. I will defend nature and God's marriage of man to woman because that is how it should be.
Do what you will with your free time, behind closed doors. But respect yourself enough not to become a walking cliche. Sex orientation should have a required manner of speech, dress, or need an advert. You must assimilate into the melting pot too if you expect beef to dissolve into broth.