30 June 2010

Roman Holiday 5


24 June 2010

The Lazy Sunbathers

Oil Well Destroys National Treasure while hapless President fiddles his way through teardown checklist.
Headed to the gulf beaches? Bring Goo Gone. Don't go. Goo is poison.


21 June 2010

Dark Mark spreads: oil gusher engulfs President

Perhaps it is a wake up call for liberals, but we see now that the Annointed One cannot do miracles...or lead. So what are we to do?

18 June 2010

Tar Baby ain't saying nothin

PrezBo destroying allies ties in oil slick inaction; can NATO matter
again? What of Middle East new friends in China and Russia? Can a
nuclear threat be far behind between the hostilities of Arabs nations,
India, and Israel...not to mention the loose nukes of the Soviets.
Mutually Assured Destruction worked as a deterrent in the Cold War
because both sides had too much to lose. Napoleonic complexes and holy
wars throw out reason and return us to the era of kamakaze zeroes. Too
bad we have failed to carry the torch the Greatest Generation fought
so hard to keep lit.
We are indeed at an inflection point ... What an understatement. The
emphasis is on thug life and how America has become home of the knave.

15 June 2010

Ottomon Empire: time the 300 stood for Sparta around here, footstool