31 January 2011

Not a Dot

US tagging of students irks India

India condemns US authorities for radio-tagging hundreds of Indian students duped by a fake university in California.

Goober Carter watches news, states obvious

Carter: Events in Egypt 'Earth-Shaking'

Former President Jimmy Carter says the political unrest and rioting in Egypt is an earth-shaking event and that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak probably will have to leave office.

30 January 2011

Sarah Palin beheaded in Montana children's play

Straw man...straw poll
Who routinely beheads? Oh, thats right its the peaceful religion of Islam
Arabs think she's uppity and needs to cover her face. But libs just want to put her down.

It’s True: The 10 Families Costing The UK £1 Million in Housing Benefits

"Social Cleansing"
This new buzzword has to do with reducing the cap on benefits, forcing folks on the dole to move to more modest locales. Britons are furious with waste and benefits disparity by location.  Student marches may be the tip of the iceberg for them. 

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It's True: The 10 Families Costing The UK £1 Million in Housing Benefits

One of the lucky recipients, Abdi Nur

Circling the drain.

(Daily Mail) — Ten families in England are sharing an astonishing £1million a year in housing benefits, it emerged last night. The huge sums being lavished on the families by the taxpayer are allowing them to live in streets normally reserved for millionaires. Five of the families are receiving the maximum payment of £2,000 per week.

It is the first proof that George Osborne was correct when he claimed some households were receiving sums in excess of £100,000 a year.

Last night, the Chancellor told the Daily Mail: 'It is precisely this kind of shocking waste of public money under the previous Labour government that led to Britain's debt problems.

'We are bringing an end to this by putting a cap on the total amount of benefit that a family can receive so the days of £100,000 housing benefit claims are gone.'

The Coalition triggered a furious reaction last year when it unveiled plans to cut the top rate of housing benefit to £400 a week. Chris Bryant, the Labour justice spokesman, said the cuts would lead to 'social cleansing', with 200,000 people forced out of the capital.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, also spoke of a 'Kosovo-style' exodus.

Critics even questioned whether Mr Osborne could back his claim that some families were in receipt of six-figure annual sums.

But Freedom of Information replies received by this newspaper show there are at least ten families in London sharing a £1million housing benefit bill between them. All are being housed in Westminster, Kensington or Chelsea – the wealthiest parts of the country.

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