09 May 2011

Conservatives are not prepared for Liberal evangelism...

Folks on the Conservative side of American politics typically reserve a corner of their hearts, if not all of it, for love of God (clinging bitterly to country and guns and Bible) and we are not prepared for the new humanist evangelicals emerging from the Left.
You see, we've been reviled so long as Bible-thumping hick creationists, that we weren't expecting Libs to come at us like a cult out of control.  But I invite you to have a look at this:
Liberal media has gone beyond boot-licking to something that approaches anti-Christian. Remember, that Libs typically come from an education background which encourages humanism (there is no god outside myself) and debauchery. There is a sad fatalism in their articles of faith:

  • man is destroying his habitat
  • the world would be better off without man
  • it would be better for everyone to have less in order for us to all have the same amount of stuff
  • govt. knows much better than we do how to spend money and take care of us

These all sound like a cry for help; a need for leadership, for blind faith in something bigger.
But they reject religion as an answer for this need.
This void is filled with One leader with the fervor of any tent revival.
As Conservatives, we must understand that time is short before we lose the ability to reverse course in Washington. We must acknowledge at least amongst ourselves that the fundamental Change that Obama represents is wrong. And we must not be afraid to address the soul-sucking building blocks on which their faith is based.
Our best friend is shining a light on those things which are still hidden and putting it in front of voters who are likely to vote for Obama again.  Post-it notes, handwritten signs on the side of the road...every little counts.