23 April 2010

Urban vs. SubUrban

It seems to me that the Tea Party and ACORN illustrate an evolving divide between the philosophies of the urban dwellers and those who live outside metro areas.  When folks are accustomed to living in large cities, they must learn to adapt to more communal living than those who reside in places with more elbow room.  This sense of community can be quite strong...an extended family almost...and when this way of life is threatened, even rhetorically, city dwellers get very defensive.
But folks tend to live in areas where they feel safe and where they fit in.  When folks hear 'spread the wealth around' they either hear 'get stuff for free' or 'tax me more.'  If you believe that society owes you something you'll hear the former.
Why is it that urbanites lean Left while the rest of us are more conservative.  I believe it's because the liberal mindset promotes interdependence while conservative views promote independence.  With this is mind, personal responsibility falls right and the blame game falls left.
I feel like the liberal mindset is childish...the product of too much mental circle-jerking on campuses.  The real world requires one to learn how to take care of oneself.  We get nanny state 'stability from the Left or free market competition and uncertainty from the future.  Americans should have the ability to pursue opportunity in the face of uncertainty.  Og said attitude determines altitude, right?  But you can have upward mobility without propulsion in the first place.
Stagflation is on our doorstep.  The voodoo economics we thought were buried in the 80's have been awoken with the Obama zombies.
The scary thing about the Opacalypse is that as the economy capsizes, the folks who will drown first will be those who have no idea how to take care of themselves.  The best thing we can do for ourselves is to be self-sufficient, armed, stocked-up, wood-chopped and ready to enter the new frontier after the waters recede from the ark.