08 April 2013

@TheDemocrats Won't Recognize That Outliers Are Minorities

Who needs THAT many rounds of ammo?
Well I don't know and neither do you Mr/Mrs Oligarch.  The Constitution says I can use what I need to maintain my sovereignty and protect my family and belongings.
Here are some questions for you to consider.
Who needs a private plane? or for that matter a wider passenger seat?
Who needs a spatula to get in and out of a pool?
Who needs more than 800 sq ft of living space?
Who needs to eat carbs?
Who needs to drive faster than 45mph?
Nobody should have to be forced to look at someone else's religious symbols;
Nobody should allow their GMO corn to cross a dirt road.

Red Tape Snare
You see...every time you lay out a red tape...a red line...there is a logical and ethical exception to that rule.  But by legislating these outliers into near-irrelevance, you create (by accident I'm sure) a minority...whose rights should be protected while servicing the average folks (the majority.)

Politicians are making sweeping generalizations that NOBODY NEEDS X and remember they're adding more bureaucracy to manage these rules too...you know, government employment...and they'll need more of your tax dollars to ensure compliance.

So when a private plane delivers a life-saving transplant;
when a grandmother of 83 and a new hip needs more than a 14-inch airplane seat;
when hotel guests are disappointed because there is no pool because disability compliance is too costly;
when a family of six needs more sleeping space than the standard New Yorker;
when an underweight child needs to consume more calories to improve health;
when one has to get a labor-stricken woman to an emergency room to deliver;
when a happy child wants to decorate their front door for Christmas;
when a farmer just needs to break even this year...
remember liberals...you've become the ugly oppressive majority, you're on every channel, in everybody's face, and well frankly...you treat minorities like sh!t.

The Rest Of Us