12 September 2013

Okay, I admit it...I lurk.  I love to read other people's blogs and follow them and see how their lives are going.  And I rarely get involved or comment because...well...it's really none of my damn business.  But this week, I felt compelled to reach out to some folks in the Conservative sphere who I admire...mainly because they're going through stuff...and, well, I am too.  And whether it was to commiserate in a misery loves company sort of way...to offer a trite "you're not alone"...or a "here's something that has helped me"...I have no answers for these folks.  We're all in the same boat, navigating uncertain waters...unsure of the endgame...but really sure about some core values.
So as the Planet X of these guys' solar systems (I am not really part of their lives or run in their circles mainly because I'm an old fart and they're young up-and-comer's with a whole life at their feet...they just don't know it yet) I offer up my favorite anecdote.

I heard a talk once..."Attitude Determines Altitude"  I can't remember who to attribute it to.  I tried to google it but can't find exactly what I'm looking for.  Someone told me it was Og Mandino or Zig Ziglar, who are great motivators...but.  The way I heard it was something like.
Planes don't just float in the sky.  It takes thrust..effort to move forward.  And properly configured, these craft don't stay on the ground.  Why? because resistance meets that force, shaped around the wings creating lift and drag.
Once airborne, the attitude of an airplane in flight is how it's aiming.  Nose up, the plane climbs. Flaps, ailerons, tail...it all has to work together to stay aloft.... But as the plane encounters resistance while pushing ahead, it is the attitude that determines whether she climbs or falls.
As we encounter resistance in our daily lives, it is our attitude too that determines whether we rise to meet the challenge or let it drag us down.
We can take those headwinds that challenge us and let them bring our journey to a halt or we can use it to lift us to greater heights and distances.

I'm coasting.  My GPS is recalculating.  I'm listening over the radio for some direction. And it will come.  The course correction will happen and then I will fly farther and faster.

Remember, especially in social media...there are likeminded individuals who cheer your successes and who want to lift you up in your failures.  Discount those slings and arrows from the warring class who only live to fight for the low ground.  As @TheHermanCain says, we are an Army of Davids.  As @MarkLevinShow says...it took us a hundred years to get here...and it will be a slow process to mooring the country back to the Constitution.

Take the time to let someone you follow know how much you appreciate what they do and how much it means to you.  We are all in this together...and even those we think are beyond Satan's grasp? those are the ones he wants to win the most.

For: Andrew Lawton, Brandon Morse