10 November 2012

God Didn't Answer Your Prayer In November? Wrong.

God answered. His answer was no. Job had a long way
to go before he learned humility. I fear the goats outnumber the sheep but that doesn't mean that I won't make my perimeter, do what I can to make my little patch of earth part of what God wants. And that means I'm continuing to work at the local, state and national level every time there is a choice. And every purchase is a vote if you consider it carefully. We are far from powerless...and with 30 GOP governors, there are ways to make No work. When rape occurs, no means no. When the libs are raping our lands and futures, no means no. I will not compromise what I know is true and right because it makes someone else more comfortable. If my community is a family-friendly environment and some libtards move in and start demanding acceptance...good luck with that. Self-segregation yourself back to San Franciso, Chicago, or whatever blue city suits you most. For out here in flyover country, we work for what we use and we defend our hard won resources with second amendment solutions.