11 July 2014

Holier Than Thou

I've often wondered where the arrogance of our current leader comes from.  After all, the rest of us grew up humming 'No More Kings' from Schoolhouse Rock.  Words used to describe him often include imperial, manchild, and messiah.  Offensive to Christians, that last one got me to thinking about something I'd seen before.  I noodled around and couldn't really find anything about Obama's African ancestry, but, what followed on the other side was a rabbit hole through the internet.
First, I had a look at what the scholars had found out about Obama's ancestry.  Looks like you can follow a maternal line to a #1776 Maureen Duval from France (Marin Duval.)
Obama is said to descend from Maureen Duval and Susannah Brashears who was also French.
The line in France is a little fuzzy prior to the 1500's.
Mary Magdalene arrives in Gaul pregnant
Then there's this assertion, that Obama is a descendant of Charlemagne.  Unless you speak French and know how to traverse genealogy archives there, you have to leap.
Geographically and using names, it doesn't take but a click or two to find the mysterious Black Madonna and how it shows up a great deal in France. The lore around her is that she is either a dark-skinned servant who arrived on the boat with Mary Magdalene, a local villager who attached herself to the group, or was the child of Jesus' that Mary Magdalene birthed after she arrived.
One of those great conspiracy theory things that seems to be so popular since Da Vinci Code is that the Grail is really Mary Magdalene, a chalice that bore Christ's blood (descendant)...how there are secret societies and scrolls that contradict the Roman Church and hide the holy family.
It's one of those internet searches that takes you way out in the realm of the truly weird...and could even be designed to falsely demonstrate that someone is a whack-job for trying to follow Obama's heredity.  At some point it just seems like too much information. But the conclusions drawn are either that Obama is a double-descendant of holiness and is a Antichrist.  The overlay in Christian and non (Pagan, pre-Christian, more)
messiah OR he's an
It doesn't matter.
None of that matters more than the content of the character of the man in the role of President.  Whether on purpose or foolish, Obama's actions are killing the country.