24 October 2014

Servant of Bones

If our mortal coil holds our spirits here it makes sense that ghosts can roam nearby as bodies stay in the
ground.  Some folks find this unacceptably horrifying and others sweet...as it gives those spirits the opportunity to tether themselves for a while, to finish business, to make sure loved ones are okay.  And perhaps, if this is true, they have have until those bones fade away into the dust that we all are said to spring from...return to the Earth, whose system we are a part.  If this sounds about right then destroying those bones should release that spirit to move on to other things.  And if spirits are not bound to Earth and time, they are all they were and will be all at once, a concept nearly impossible for the human mind to grasp...because we, here in this bubble of time, this ephemeral Moment of Creation, are just passing through.
While I don't know if sealing up bones with gold creates a djinn like some folks think, I"m happy to know that those who I know, who have been cremated, have moved like smoke into a greater plane of existence.

Most Conservatives believe there is something else...something next...something to come.  Imagine the existence of those who only think life is today, now, what you can get...how short and meaningless and hardscrabble. The destruction of the human Family is underway and we have to fight against the dying of the light.