17 August 2014

Immoral Equivalency

It is often difficult for Christian Americans to know how to respond when faced with the question...why shouldn't  Islamists have the same rights and freedoms as others enjoy in the United States?  The appeal to our sense of fairness is almost immediately disarming, as we have been raised with the charter to accept all first and assume the best of them...it's what made this great nation possible, to embrace differences as a strength, to learn from intercultural exchange as a means to connect with others on a peaceful and happy plane.
A constant refrain from the Left includes a need to eliminate references to Christianity in our government..indeed any references to religion at all.  As with much of what they believe, it is short-memoried, disrespectful of the past, and oblivious to the present and future.
An overarching theme in the Judeo-Christian modern America is the desire to work together with, to build up, to ensure the safety of, to be respectful of those who are unlike ourselves but with whom we agree on civil sociological norms.  And I'm talking about big picture norms...not micromanaging police state or forced conversions.
This week we were reminded again how doggedly persistent the idiots on the Left are and how they are not willing to allow sanctuary for any Conservative ideas even when they are the majority.  While I haven't read too much about the Ten Commandments story in Alabama, I did hear the drive-by's mocking the lawmaker's reasoning...the the Ten Commandments deserves a place in a courthouse display of legal documents...and I mulled that concept most of the week.
Another element that entered my mind is the brainless zero-tolerance rules that roll out of public school like a sewer.  Public school is often a clear microcosm of what's wrong with society at large.  And while I could rail on about the inefficiencies, the bureaucratic nightmare, the Stalinist pre-prison treatment...that must wait for another blog post.  Zero tolerance = zero sense, I often say.  And I mean this quite literally.  Zero tolerance rules allow school officials to have a black & white set of rules that all must abide by and there are no exceptions.  Why?  Why isn't a pop-tart nibbled in to the shape of a pistol tolerable?  Why can't a child bring his own lunch if he doesn't like what Buickbutt prepared?  I'll tell you why... because that would require decision-making...that would require someone to put their own ethics on the line and declare, "Why this is fine!" on the chance that someone would be unhappy with the exception, wanting exceptions of their own until chaos and anarchy ensue at the lunch line.
But it goes deeper than that...and that's the realization I've made this week.  It seems so obvious; but it's subtly deep. You see to make a judgement, and an exception if needed, you must have a moral compass.  You have to base that on something...otherwise there is no generalized 'good' and 'bad.'  If you make determinations on your own, you must then defend your mode of thinking and why you think a punishment is just or a pass is needed.  By removing this pesky step, liberals' zero tolerance ensures that not only are Christian ideals suppressed, but any idea of exception is eliminated.  They want rigid.  They want force. They idealize control.  Which is weird, because you would think that the brand that has evolved from the hippy generation would be a lot less controlling.  But they aren't.  In fact they seem to thrive on less choice and top-down 'tell me what to do so I don't have to think for myself.'  And frankly, that's Satanic.  No, really.  I wrote a whole other blog entry about that.
Needless to say, by eliminating a sense of right and wrong, the law becomes a thing unto itself...ultimate.  No exceptions, no second chances.  We owe it to humanity to protect our progress ahead of this ancient system.

God has rules too...but a striking dis-similarity between fundamental western philosophies and those of the 6th centurians is the ideal of Justice combined with Mercy.
Religion of Peace Pieces
This concept has no place in the Mohammedan way.  They would much rather hark back to the Ebla or Hammurabi codes where there is no Mercy involved in determining how people should interact with one another.
All the texts and belief systems that brought us to the grand American Experiment are important.  We must study the Greeks, the Europeans, the sects of Christians who disagreed with each other and sought a place to worship in their own way...who found common ground and built up a new society. We must examine all the American experiences, learn from our mistakes, move past them and build upward and onward.
Liberals do not like this foundation though.  They seek to undermine our country by weakening her structures, overwhelming her providence, and sacking the civil society.
This week of turmoil in St. Louis' suburbs is a key indicator that the fabric of society is weak and is tearing.  There are calls for justice in the shooting death of an 18 year-old man.  There are vicious assaults on sanity too...claiming that the victim's behavior should have nothing to do with his death.  This disconnect, between behavior and consequences, is reflective of Obama's government.  If we did not have the tempering effects of Judeo-Christian principles, theft from a store might be punishable by chopping off the hands or death.
Justice tempered with Mercy...a concept core to Western society, is missing from Islamist beliefs
But try to explain that to the uneducated, the Liberal or the riot-hungry populace is a futile job.  The grown-ups must take control of this country by voting in Conservatives in November, dispensing with the Leftist chaos of the Obama upheaval, and beginning to put our country back on track. We must put the great Mediator back into the structure that can mean liberty or shackles for us all.