29 July 2011

Tract: Obama made his bed

The President seems surprised that the debt limit budget battle is even and issue. What had become routine practice (extending ever more credit to cover overspending, creeping big government) is suddenly a stalemate.  It could have been anything really...the debt limit provides a good enough vehicle for shellactivists to remind Washington that the populace at large is very, very unhappy.
Did he think that 'spiking the ball' the faces of the minority would be laughed off? Passing the healthcare form without review or debate and shrugging off Constitutionality demonstrates the cavalier disregard the Pelosi-Obama-Reid love triangle has for anyone else's opinion.
Did they think that playing dirty has no consequences?
The Founders made our government divided and lumbering on purpose.  Above all, they knew the dangers that despotism can breed.  The Democrats in Congress and the White House have shown contempt for the law they've sworn to uphold: the Constitution.  The President jokes about just bypassing the Congress and using Executive Orders to get his agenda done...or scrutinizing elements of Amendments passed for purposes of the Civil War debts, wordsmithing a hammer to defend his illegitimate rules.

So the One won. "We won," they said. That's why they get their agenda. And when they say "Americans" they really mean those who'll vote for the welfare state as reparations or as a socialist utopia.  They believe that businesses should be shackled into a near-zero profit to provide for the non-workers.  They believe that if you have more 'stuff' than the average, you are the rich...the lucky.  They believe that the world owes them something.  They do not believe in personal responsibility.  They believe in the hive, workers controlled entirely for the good of all...disposable...at the whim of the queen.  This "shared sacrifice" puts America's freedom on the pyre.

As jobs continue to disappear and the States slip further into Depression, those who support the ideals of hard work, self-determination, independence, and moral bravery have been marginalized.  They have been demonized as the privileged and rich after a life of hard work and devotion.  They have witnessed White House austerity speeches from some luxe corridor.  They understand that the America they love, the one that has been the shining beacon on the hill for the world, is under a fundamental transformation.  They are beyond disenchanted with leadership...they are enraged by their audacity.

For the People, by the People.

The Obama grassroots have grown and we see they are kudzu, growing over everything in sight, aggressively stealing the life of everything around them.  The only way to stop it is to chop it, then pull it up at its roots...leaving nothing behind...  The first cut? Cut Cap and Balance.

And we're just getting started.