23 July 2011

Nobody's that stupid...right?

Ever seen one of those courtroom dramas where the accused is so dead-to-rights that it looks like a setup? You know the story...man has blood on his hands, fingerprints on the knife, fingerprints on the dishwasher where he tried to wash the knife, bloody footprints from his shoes, his alibi doesn't check out, etc. etc. (I have a degree in Law & Order.)
That seems to be the tack that the Obama Administration is taking on so much. Or rather, many lawmakers and voters are left so incredulous at the obvious stupidity or wrongheadedness of Obama's decisions that's they're left dumbfounded.
You can say that he talks over his audience.  You can say that his intentions are good.  But results show that the man is dangerously bad for America.
Is he ignorant? A patsy? Or is it a calculated trust that people at their core don't want to believe they can be snowed and are taken in by evil?
While the game of chicken on the debt ceiling plays out in Washington...we cannot lose sight of other creeping socialism moves proceeding in the courts....we cannot lose sight of a lack of border control....we cannot lose sight of the blight of so-called social justice reparations, redefinition of marriage, transformation from free-market to centrally-controlled economy, etc. It takes the vigilance of many to watch all the chessboard pieces moving simultaneously.
Americans are dangerously distant from totalitarianism to remember its costs...and if not careful, we'll find ourselves in quicksand.