13 March 2011

No Higher Law

Why are Liberals apoplectic over losing in Wisconsin last week?  I've given this a great deal of thought over the last week as I've watched what appears to be the grown-up equivalent of a terrible-two's temper tantrum.  It doesn't help that opportunists like Michael Moore are exploiting those poor folks; I imagine that Project Laughingstock will be processed into a wonderful Borat-inspired slap-dash DVD to line his pockets so he can hire more non-union help. What a loser.  And when "The Most Gullible Hillbillies I Know" is released, it will make a great case for why unions are nothing more than modern mobs...same pitchforks, same torches, same tired chants and slogans.
But why the "9/11" talk?
I dawns on me that the average Liberal believes in nothing higher than the law of the land. There is no moral or God that trumps law.  It is the small tin compass that creates limitations in their lives.
In contrast, a typical Conservative believes the law is like manners; a guide for public behavior to protect us from elbowing into one another; while private lives are guided by a sense of wrong and right...and a higher standard that the basic public law.
This is why DADT and DOMA are seen as such pivotal triumphs or losses in the liberal community.  High drama ensures. Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth are all permissible when their very foundations are shaken.  When Conservatives insist on laws that require personal responsibility, independent spirit, and entrepreneurial oomph, liberal moss fears the pruning shears at the oak tree.
These parasites will Rumplestilskin-stomp as long as they think that behavior will work.  But like all small children coming off a sugar high, we can't give in to demands for more cookies.