21 March 2011

What does sovereign mean in today's world?

These past few days have given me an opportunity to reflect on the nature of 'sovereignty.'  Not the coin. Not the queen. Most countries declare themselves sovereign...but what does that mean?  They declare themselves free from rule of other entities and that they will self-govern.
The middle east wrestles for change...hopefully for the better...so that they can have more personal freedom, to choose leadership, to improve their station in life, to demand basic services from an overtaxing, overbearing government.  Even the most oppressive governments can fall and the cycle of change seems to be sweeping the globe.
But what happened to the idea that people are sovereign? (and I'm not advocating sovereign citizen beliefs at all...I don't know enough about them to comment or care)  As nanny state liberals take over here in the States, personal sovereignty suffers.  Our ability to self-determine impeded.  Isn't this ability what was meant by life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
The more our government interferes in personal life, the bigger it gets with tracking and enforcement.  Tens of thousands of government cubicles are filled with paper-pushing rule makers, rule trackers.  And these are just the ones that are legitimately part of President cabinets...we aren't even considering the extra-Constitutional czar system which should be abolished.
I hope that as the Tea Party moves forward, a great cry of 'individual liberty' will come from the People and we can Right the wrong direction of the federal government.  If we can't get control of the rudder, then we have to get the engine room; and if we can't get that, we go for the sails, anchor, whatever.  I'm not ready to hit the lifeboat yet.  America can be great again...full of opportunity...an example of how a sovereign nation should behave in the global community.