08 March 2011

Normal does not equal Legal

I have been thinking a great deal about how central to The Gay Agenda it is to normalize their behavior by calling it marriage. This comes from the very same group who refuse to accept bisexuals as gay, because they can't commit to being gay. As selfish as this is, it got me to thinking. Is a pedophile a pedophile if he never acts? Do we still consider this abhorrent and aberration if he never crosses the legal line? Do we accept him as a neighbor, churchgoer, boss or even spouse?
The Scarlet Letter was once an A for adulterer; Antisocial behavior that threatened the peace, order and legality of relationships. I submit that the letter has been any number of labels: leper, homophobe, nigger, cracker, faggot, etc. These words have power because they impact us. They carry with them the imprint of history and context. One may find some more powerful than others because of their own history and experience.
So when the gay agenda involves debasing what many to believe a holy rite, it is offensive. The law provides for social contracts between individuals...lifelong friends, caregivers, lovers...but this is not marriage. Gay activists should realize they cannot use the police state power to sway morality. What they do in their lives is their own concern inasmuch as it doesn't infringe on my freedoms, or for those who I am responsible. It is because of Patriots you can choose to live in debauchery; but I don't have to agree with your behavior.
The bus is in motion.
Sit down. Shut up. And enjoy the freedoms you have in this country or find a more suitable home. Suggestions? The tolerant middle east.