05 December 2010

Lessons in diplomacy from a Little Big Planet

I was watching a kid playing Little Big Planet this morning. This is a socially-enabled game on Playstation 3 which allows each player to build their own challenges or races and visit others who've done the same. It's massive and overwhelmingly clever.
While playing a fun and challenging level, the kid was joined by another player whose character was wearing the iconic Statue of Liberty costume. The kid had chosen an army-style uniform...I had to grin a little at the pride of Americanism in Little Big Planet.
But then something happened that I didn't expect.
During the gameplay, the visitor decided to smack the army guy in the face with her torch. The kid said, "Hey, that's not right" and proceeded to boot the villain disguised as Lady Liberty from the game.
No discussion.
No appeasement.
No questions about why would someone do that or what did I do to deserve it, just...boop.
It seemed like a small epiphany, this archetype of reality. What should we do when someone, disguised in the robes of freedom, smacks us in the face? They get ejected from the game. No questions.
Maybe we should require other countries to prove their affirmation to freedom, equality, and friendliness to the American way before permitting them to enjoy in the riches that result.
Otherwise we can expect our enemies to continue to pilfer the coffers of America and use those in war against us.
Dear Janet...profile.