24 December 2010

States Are Not 'Too Big To Fail'

So now we have some Liberal states who want to take from other states, through the power of the Federal government to tax. More frugal states should not bail out others' bad decisions.  California, for example, should cut services or raise taxes at the state level to pay for what their constituents want.  Federal taxes should go to war efforts and the few other Constitutionally mandated responsibilities.
Liberal states that steal from others using the Federal structure is taxation without representation (and that's not fair, to quote Schoolhouse Rock.)
Lessons from Greece and England: you teach other people how to treat you. The governments there have trained their people to be dependent sheep and now that they need to be weaned a bit, there are tantrums.  It's better to put folks on hard tack and teach them to farm so they can provide for themselves...and others who can't, right?
Pimping Taxes