26 December 2010

coup contrecoup: Liberal 'Magic' Seems Religious

BO: Here's how fairness works.  Everybody open up your lunch box and put the contents on my table.
(students clamor to dutifully obey the Leader)
(Fairy Godmother organizes all the sandwiches in a stack, all the chips, etc. desegregating all the lunches into groupings.  She holds up the last sandwich baggie, different from all the rest.  It contains a single cookie.)

BO: Ah, okay.  It looks like we have a cookie in this one.
I took Ronnie's math reward cookie that he worked so hard on ... good job Ronnie on that Oreo (cue applause) ... then I crushed it; then each of you came up to the front and I dropped a cookie bit in your mouth and let you sip from the communal milk cup.
See how that works?  I have taken one cookie and turned it into 30.

Amy: But what about the leftover crumbs?

BO: I've pocketed those for the special ed class and the ESOL class coming next.

Amy: (no response as her stomach growled)

BO: I'll tell you when the next food item is coming.  See up here at the table? There's more than enough for everyone!  You'll get your fair share.  But first I want you to listen to some stories...that will help distract you...