21 December 2010

Smooth Criminal Obama Wants America To Walk Like The Rest Of The World

As our Commander in Chief has had the keys taken away after his 2 year joy ride into Socialism, we're left with a dirty car full of cigarette butts, crumpled cans and junk food wrappers.  After we've replaced the stripped gears, burnt parking brake and busted oil pan, we're left with the job of cleaning up the mess and getting things back in order...which will take patience and time.  'Never Again' should be the lesson we've learned.
When new drivers get behind the wheel, they need to be trained in the rules of the road, challenged on test courses and on paper. Proof of insurance and identity must be in the vehicle. A current tag, indicative of taxes paid, must be displayed clearly.
We Americans failed to do due diligence to ensure that the driver had the proper papers and skills. The world cheered at first, but begin to understand, like we do, that the engine of Earth's enterprise has been spiked with sugared gas.  The road forward has been littered with nails and diversions.

As examiners and passengers, we let a smooth-talking criminal jack our car.