16 October 2010

Tea Party: Not Constrained By The Moral Majority

In response to a despondent Democrat who asked..."what will this election change anyway."

This election will restore balance...and hope...ending the scythe of tyranny that President One began...4 years of a Democrat Congress is quite enough...the supermajority fumbled everything they touched... I think we can check off the our country's list "vote in black President" and "give Democrats a chance" and now we can actually look at the content of what a President brings to the table and the fiscal soundness of Congressional policy ... right now we can't get a word in edgewise because (shocker) the philosophy of Left won't hear of dissent...exhibit A: Pelosi's ham-handed-hammer.
For the first time since the meltdown, regular Conservative folk see an opportunity that may not come again. Seize control of a runaway government hell-bent on destroying personal responsibility and freedom.  This vote is, by many accounts, the most pivotal vote we'll ever cast.
Many folks stayed home last election as a boycott of the broken system that had failed them.  The price was to permit a sweeping change in the machinery that runs our great nation.  The driver, a 15 year old behind the wheel of a powerful and unfamiliar tool...ready to go for a joy ride.  With the parking brake burnt out, clutch gone and screaming passengers...the Tea Party is applying the as-yet-unbroken...foot brake.

What I like about the Tea Party is that it is not led by an individual...inevitably singled out and covered in mud, no matter who the leader is, they burn out.  As a movement with ideals to eradicate waste, abuse, fraud and snake oil...we promise to impose term limits on any candidate who fails to vote and behave as expected in Congress.  Since Clinton, it's openly acceptable for a Liberal candidate to have no private morals impact his or her public record.  With this tenet in mind, attacks on Christine O'Donnell seem so weak.  Hint, we don't care about that stupid stuff you keep bringing up.  We want her to go to Washington and vote the way we want her to...and when or if she stops, we'll vote her out too.  Career politicians be warned in the era of Tea Party.  This movement is bigger than the sum of its parts.  The leaders are replaceable but the message is clear.  The Tea Party presents an opportunity for Conservatives to let their voice be heard, not by abdicating their responsibility at the poll...but to exercise it for the most Conservative candidate...and to repeat and repeat and repeat this process until the whole face of Washington is replaced with citizens who've balanced checkbooks, made priorities, prepared a payroll, and even been victimized by big government.

Future generations will look back at this healthcare repeal and compare it closely to the end of Prohibition...whose children, oddly enough, a mighty players in this fiasco.