18 September 2012

Obama: On Not Doing It Gorilla Style

Lists of things that might offend our Muslim friends include showing the soles of our feet, shaking hands with the wrong hand, walking between a man at prayer and Medina. Okay...so let's see, what are some thing that offend us? Burning flags, killing our envoys, & taking our cash-for-peace and spending it to build up an armory to destroy us. Somehow these things don't seem to balance.
I think a bit about the Tea Party and what it means for us. When the colonies that would become America were fighting for freedom against England (see movie 'The Patriot') there was a clear distinction between the fighting style of the classically trained British soldiers and the ruthless rabble who fought, effectively, guerrilla-style. Is it hubris? Is it stupidity? To think that a standing Army can just frog march through an area with fresh-pressed redcoats and not expect to be blindsided by a tomahawk wielding freedom fighter... who cares nothing about 'rules of war' because anything's fair when you have nothing left to lose. Now fast-forward a couple hundred years. Who is the empire now? Who assumes that they're untouchable in the face of less-superior weaponry? Who thinks that we don't need to take the gloves off and finish the job quickly because it wouldn't be fair? War should be short and decisive and should have a point. If America is to have any role in the world, we must first lead by example, getting our fiscal house in order, restoring our first principles of freedom and commerce, return to prosperity and plenty and demonstrate why our democracy/republic is a better way. Yes, we are dealing with a people who desire to live like savages...because they don't see something better. However, as Mark Steyn pointed out yesterday on Sean Hannity's radio program, they have no problem adding a cell-phone to their otherwise sixth century existence. The middle east has been a mess for thousands of years. It won't get solved because a single President says 'make it so.' For some reason, Obama is under the impression that his edicts change reality...and from his perspective, maybe it does. But those of us who weren't part of the Choon gang and experimenting with cocaine see things as they really are, not as some drug addled mono-utopian plantationary hell. Beggar on the street? Offer to buy him lunch instead of handing over a fiver. What I mean by this is, we must stop sending cash to these ancient places that our government neither understands or can control. If humanitarian aid is needed, we should send food, water & basics and dispense them ourselves...not through warlords. No more cash. My hope for Romney is that his special skill of gutting broken business will effectively be applied to our out-sized, bloated government. There are entire branches of this welfare state that simply must be stopped. It's time for state and local governments to stop bending to Federal cash and do the right thing for each constituency. If California wants to feed & clothe the world, that is their choice...but it is not their choice to make 49 other states pay for it. Romney should pull the entire contingent of deployments back to Israel, pull our ambassadors from every country that would do us harm, and cut off the cash flow by flooding the market with American energy. We should take up a defensive position at our borders and in our seas and defund the UN.