22 August 2012

Liberals' Sliderule Trades Compassion In For Fairness

Trading compassion for fairness...that's what Liberals are pushing our country to do. Rather than think about those who are less fortunate and take care of them, what the Left seeks to do is make government the Providence of the poor and neglected. With
small, unnoticeable contributions by all, those who 'have not' will get what they need. This communal approach to problem-solving relieves them of any responsibility or guilt because the whole of society is responsible. But the whole of society is responsible anyway. The only thing that has changed is how good the Liberal feels about himself. How selfless. As the Fairness spreads out into the government in the form of regulations, red tape, and inefficiency, the belching food stamp factory becomes the very giant nameless, faceless behemoth Lefties blame corporations to be. There can be no exception to the rules because that would be unfair. Food stamps were stolen? Sorry, everyone gets the same amount...you'll have to wait. Macular Degeneration? that is not life-threatening, so you'll need to wait until non-urgent matters are handled. Wait. Wait. There is nowhere else to go, because there is no competition. Wait. Today there is an assault on the 'God-based' GOP. While I disagree with this Liberal assessment, I find it astounding that this is the niggardly word now...the epithet of the enlightened Left. And as Mark Levin pointed out...those are the same Democrats who chant endlessly about 'justified rape' without context and then choose William (BJ) Clinton...accused of sex crimes and misdemeanors as the keynote speaker at the Democrat Convention. Prima Facia. I prefer to trust my own eyes. What I see are Conservatives everywhere quietly taking care of the needy in their family and neighborhood. They contribute by giving of themselves...their time, talent and resources to make the world a better place...and they also expect to reap the reward of their hard labor. Liberals cannot see the difference. They take without asking. They take the fruit of labor at the point of a gun through the power of an overbearing government which continues to gain power and influence the more voters can be enslaved. After all @TheDemocrats believe 'we all belong to government.'