04 May 2010

Times Square a penetration test?

It seems to me that most folks are baffled by the gross errors made by accused bomber Faisal Shahzad.  We have the inability to set a clock.  Filing off the VIN in only one place.  Leaving a truck illegally parked in the bus lane with the flashers on...smoking.  The wrong type of fertilizer to  ignite.  Buying a vehicle for cash.  Using a disposable cellphone which can be traced.  Being on camera.  Buying a ticket at the last minute for cash.

There is a method for testing the security of a network connection called a penetration test.  You try all the standard attack vectors to make sure they are secure...it's like going around the outside of your house and checking all the windows and doors after you've locked it up.

Perhaps this clown has nothing to lose...maybe his family is being threatened in Pakistan...who knows?  But maybe al Qaeda is testing us to see what we see and what we don't.