07 May 2010

Should California students riot against Mexicans carrying American flag?

What a ridiculous row over the flag and her colors this week.  The school system in California really needs some additional scrutiny and wow they got it this week...and not in a good way.  In the Republica del Norte things are more upside-down that Alice in Wonderland.
While standing in line at a Publix pharmacy, I had a lot of time to have a look at the fully stocked items which line the shelves right by the cash register.  Somehow, someone had faced-out every product in such a way that the 'spanish side' of the product was facing front...and that was a lot of product.  It probably took just a minute or two for someone to do, but the message was effective.  I felt briefly like a stranger in a strange land.
I determined right there not to buy any product that is presented with the 'spanish side out' at any retailer at any time.  I think the old 'Made In America' logo that made Wal-Mart a household name instead of a small discounter needs to make a serious comeback as well.  Wal-Mart is no longer 'buy American'...maybe they should be.