25 September 2016

Evil Wins When Good Men Do Nothing..so Vote & work every angle in October

It's Sunday morning before the first Presidential debate between Clinton and Trump.  There will be only two.  I've just finished my Twitter rounds and successfully avoided the abuse of watching the "get Clinton elected" Sunday shows, so my mood is high.
One of the articles I read this morning amazed me.  After resisting the click-bait initially, I just had to click through to "Surprising Ingredient In Fast Food" while offering the vesper "please don't be pink slime, please don't be pink slime, please don't be pink slime."  My wish was granted (long live Jambi) because it turned out the article was about VEGETABLES.  Now, I'm all for fresh and local...but the tone of the article really missed the point.  Of course vegetables are on the menu...fast food can't stay in business if they have to offer quality meats without outpricing average Americans.  I retweeted them with the comment saying as much.
But as I opened a fresh $5 Folgers canister to refill my reusable single-serve coffee filter, and unwrapped a tasty piece of yesterday's cast iron Jiffy cornbread (89c plus an egg plus a little non-fat dry milk powder and water) I mulled over how I would be browning a pack of hamburger and using it as a crumble topping...not as an entree... during this week's meals.
Welcome to Obama's America EIGHT YEARS LATER.  EPA regulations make growing beef (and really anything ag-related) more difficult, which raises costs, which raises prices.  Who doesn't care? Those folks on assistance whose food is paid-for by others anyway.  Who is voting blue, those people.
Democrat Socialist strategies involve government takeover of all the primary functions of your life.  Food, Clothing, Shelter... any government sufficiently big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it all away...and to pick who is acting in such a way as to deserve those things, including what we once considered God-given rights.
If you're like me, you remember the salad days (yes, pun intended) before Obama when steak was on the menu, friends could gather because gas was available, and life was more enjoyable without a constant assault of unhappy, antisocial miscreants dead-set on killing as many Americans and western ways as possible.  I'm ready to gather our forces and shit this Administration right down the crapper.  ABC tapped into the overmind when they decided to blow the Capitol during a POTUS SoTU speech for Designated Survivor.

This week after the Chelsea bombing, several Muslim knife attacks...zero terror alert changes...a willful ignorance and cover-up that we are at war with radical Islam.
Then rioting and looting in Charlotte for some invented reason to distract, we see the racism of lowered expectations emerging.  Muslims don't understand our ways? We have to be patient with them.  Blacks don't realize that looting is illegals and immoral so we're not going to prosecute them...after all they've had a bad time.  And lets mute any dissent for the cause of civility.

No. I reject your mainstream media narrative and replace it with reality.

The rule of law is the rule of law.  This President has unshackled all of the pirate behavior of the Ivory Coast right here...fomenting a barbaric cadre of Heartless to sweep out that nasty 'white patriachy' that created a stable, freedom-loving environment.  Trying to paint the Founding Fathers as the enemy is the same misguided philosophy as claiming the Constitution is living and breathing.  It's the stability of that document that gives root authority to do ANYTHING in this country, including federal abuses that can be tried in court.  As usual, the federal leviathan Administration is busy pouring arsenic into our melting pot.
This is life or death for the heart and soul of America.
I was happy to hear that my original pick for POTUS for this cycle, Ted Cruz, was able to set aside the ugliness of the brutal campaign, and endorse Trump.  The process is the process.  Trump is a better choice than Clinton; he (nor I) arrived at that decision quickly or lightly.  But that is the choice.  It is better to begin the process of moving us in the right direction than stay on the collision course Obama has us on now.  And no doubt about it, Clinton has doubled down on every single bad choice Obama has made.  She's an evil manipulatrix who uses her power to cover her own misdeeds and can't afford to ever be out of power, lest she be found out.  It's time to end her reign of corruption and expose her, the foundations, the ties back to Obama, the weaponized IRS attacks on the tea party... all of it.  We don't get anywhere unless we change the regime.
It will give us a wonderful 4 years to regroup the true Conservatives into whatever comes next. I think the best case scenario would be to take over the Republican party and replace no-naysayers Priebus & the GOPe with fresh Conservative perspectives that boldly contrast with the liberal socialist agenda of the Democrats.
Remember, in the UK, the government isn't just your nanny, it's also your post-Christian, anti-family, anti-traditionalist church...you don't have a Bill of Rights either.  This is the direction the Democrat Socialists are moving...while eyeing some sort of communist utopianism that resembles some sort of dystopian nightmare if you love freedom.  These people don't seem to realize that The Hunger Games is not a desirable destination.
Join me by stirring every heart to vote to Make America Great Again by returning prosperity.  With jobs, Americans can build futures together...the alternative.. the blights of San Diego, Detroit, & Chicago will spread #bluecity sickness with open borders, ever-expanding Federal government & taxes...shuttering opportunity all along the economic ladder.
What the ultra Left and we Conservatives agree on? The existing structure of Washington isn't working for us..it's working to preserve itself.  You can expect liberals to continue to push leftward.  We must follow Reagan's lead and boldly march to the right armed with Constitution and Bill of Rights, demanding a downsizing at the Federal bureaucracy an more control at state and local levels.  Bold colors...not pale pastels.
The Tea Party is patient and committed.  We will win in the end.