07 October 2012

Social Climate Change: Save the country by cooling it back off

Cool and comfortable conservative America has been polluted with the hot CO2 of liberalism...choking on the stinking exhaust of the whining voices of takers based mainly NOT in the plains.
Americans must right away stop doing all the things that make our country less habitable for humans...I mean we are all happier in successful family units, with the structure of law, with the nobility of leadership who know humility and honor... We must make sure not to crap where we eat...so listen up libs: You've must not drive your SUV's anti-American eco-agenda out in public. You must include gay lifestyle, white privilege, and the Koran respect for others, Constitutional study, and American heritage in public schools. You must accept an egomaniac in the White House, a corrupted federal justice, and inherently incomprehensibly disabling foreign policy a good guy in the White House, founding principles, and leadership through strength in our world. So no more polluting the airwaves and society at large with your hairy-pit-chick putrid garbage-stink. Pick it up don't pass it up. Expect to put in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. And plan to take responsibility for yourself and your own decisions...that's only fair (and kinda like survival of the fittest which is natural!) Time to clean up, work hard, and set things Right.