10 May 2012

Public Sector Employment: A Jillion Things To Do

I am getting so tired of hearing out "fewer jobless claims" this week must mean that hiring's improving.  After all this time you would think that people could understand that jobless claims are based on the number of people FIRED, not hired.  Just because you've staunched the hemorrhagic fever sore does not mean that the bleeding has quit or that healing has begun.  These liberals want you to believe that you can determine when gas is going into the car by sucking on the tailpipe...or is that a homophobic insensitivity?

Oh, and the next time someone decries that the benevolent, all-effective big government can be trusted to make decisions that will improve processes...explain to them how roadside mowing works.  You've got government...they're planning to cut the grass along the interstate to make things look great...a wonderful public work.  There is paper along the roadside that will need to be cleared as well during the cleanup.
If you want to get the job done quickly and effectively, you have a crew pick up the paper in advance.
If, however, your goal is to employ folks for as long as possible and give as many people income as possible, it makes much more sense to leave the paper and rubbish, run it down with the mower creating a jillion bits of detritus and to tear up the mower so that it will need to be repaired/repurchased (of course while the crew waits.)
Government does not imbue efficiency on anything.  Create a competitive environment for business to get jobs done and let them bid.  Roadsides get picked up; grass gets mowed; costs are measured and predictable.
In every case, reducing the size of big government means a tighter, leaner, more efficient (less wasteful) government...which translates into lower taxes for everyone. #solved

By the way, why the heck don't liberals employ goats to eat that grass, then eat the goats?